Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


Can somebody help me with the difference between the newly introduced ST Smoke and carbon monoxide detector (ZCOMBO-G) for 50$ and the one that Lowes sells (ZCOMBO) for 39$ ?

I would must prefer to get it from ST shop but occasionally the price difference drives me towards other sellers.


Don’t have an exact answer for you. But after doing a quick search at first alerts website it looks like it’s the same product. Just different names for the different resellers. On first alert website they only have 1 wireless combo unit, and that model is SCO500. And looking at the reviews on the lowes site, someone was able to successfully pair it to ST.

Nice thing about Lowes is return it if it doesn’t work. But that does seem to be a great price considering everywhere else I look is $50.

@graysonmorrow Thanks a lot. Just placing my order at Lowes.

I wish there was one with hardwired. That is a code requirement for our house since we are already hard wired.

Do you need to abide by the code if you have a hardwired one and put one extra?

I now have 12 of these smoke/co2 detectors, all from Lowes, and they work great. They’re set up in Damage and Danger to turn on a whole house siren, as well as certain lights.

Thanks a lot. I had conflicted thoughts and didn’t order them. Will order 3 tmrw.

Great great example, I mentioned in another thread if ST could be more competitive on price I’d love to support them more. I don’t mind spending 1 or 2$ more. But in your instance 12 detectors would of cost you $120 more from ST. They need the sales to support the brand and I WANT to support the Brand. I just can’t do it when there is a $5 to $10 and some items more cost difference per item.

I completely agree. Price to me matters a lot, as does quality, but when there’s no significant difference - price will always win.

I do like the SmartSense Multi’s, but they’re overkill for when I need just a simple open/close device.

Finally installed and hooked the 3 ZCOMBO’s in my basement, garage and hallway (sort of lying there. Don’t have the skill to put it in the ceiling nor the guts to spoil the hallway ceiling). The previous owner had 4 or 5 regular detectors within 10 feet. Huh! Some of them are definitely going with the next paint job.

I have had 4 of these First Alert Smoke and CO2 alarms in my house for several months. I got my ST hub today and started trying to connect to these alarms following the instructions that I found here. Nothing. I read through everything I could find on the subject. I tried the “General Device Exclusion” process but never got a an option to “remove”. It just has a little spinning icon next to the words “Exclusion Mode Active”. Am I making some kind of obvious mistake?

If you are interested in spending some more dough, the nest protect is on sale for 79.99 at Home Depot as the new model is now available too. To get out of the hub reliability, I am only buying products now which have their own native app. This is controlled by the nest app and claim to get your insurance rates down.

I have two of these (ZCOMBO). They paired up fine out of the box.

Not shown there is the “hard reset” - if they are not pairing and have never paired to your hub, Press and hold the test button for 10+ seconds (It will make noise, be aware) After it resets it will go to standby mode. Start at step 1, pull battery to pair.

Mine are the SCO500 model. First Alert wireless smoke and CO2 detectors. They had been paired with each other but never with the ST Hub. I tried the 10+second hold but it only initiated a very annoying test. Jeez, they are loud. I keep looking for docs on how to do a reset to factory defaults on those devices but can’t find anything. I’m still trying to figure out why the “General Purpose Exclusion” thing never shows “remove” as an option.

As far as I know you need the ZCOMBO zwave model for smoke/co.

I was afraid of that. I guess I’ll have to wait for the rest of my ST order to arrive. Thanks for the help.

Yep, those only link with each other, they’re not zwave devices. From the description on Amazon “Interconnects with other First Alert ONELINK enabled alarms to create a wireless safety network”

I was hoping to get lucky since, greysonmorrow’s post at the top of this board indicates that they might just be different model numbers for the same device. I’ll keep looking.

[quote=“skullyface, post:18, topic:6177”]
greysonmorrow’s post at the top of this board indicates that they might just be different model numbers for the same device
[/quote]I think ZCOMBO/ZCOMBO-G are the same device. The SCO500 is a different device.

Seriously if I had the dough, I would go for the nest protect the latest new generation one which just.hit the market…

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