Iris Z-wave Smoke Detectors $25

Thanks. The 10% off any purchase would be a generic promo… ie no special conditions. Where do I find that 10% code at?

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Thanks RL.

Weird I ordered 6 total for my house (3 from 2 different local stores) and they both drop shipped them from the NC warehouse. I was expecting the store to ship them and have them in a day vs the extra day now that they are coming from the next state.

I used a cheap door sensor along with a Kidde relay and a custom device handler for my hard wired smoke detectors. You might want to look into this.

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Yeah it’s kinda strange. I am getting them from different locations as well. Received one today in an over sized box hahaha. 4 others coming this next week. No rush for me, but just a little weird.

Shipping has been turned off pick up only

I may have just squeezed in on the deal for shipping. Got 4 of them, waiting for 1 more. They went fast it seems!

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I’ve been watching and I haven’t seen these on sale since I started looking middle of 2015.the zsmoke was on sale November 2015 for $25. I was hoping they had another sale this Christmas but no such luck.
I suspect The Warehouse stock was depleted with the sale and they don’t have enough to fulfill internet orders untilthey restock

I have been watching them as well for some time and was pretty happy when I saw them on sale. My last one finally arrives tomorrow. Phew :slight_smile:

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@luder888 Do you have a wiring diagram to do this? How about the custom device handler? Putting in the solution is easy for me with the diagram. Doing the coding is way beyond my capability.

When you get the Kidde relay (I assume you have Kidde smoke alarm), it comes with a diagram. Here is a link to the relay:

You hook up the relay as if you’re hooking up an additional smoke alarm. There will also be a bunch of low voltage wires. I use the Normally Closed (Yellow) and the Common (Blue) wires and hook them up to a GoControl door sensor that is part of this kit:

This is the custom device handler I use:

You should definitely go back to the post I linked above. It’s got tons of information there and it’s how I learned to hook mine up.

Good luck!

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Thanks @luder888. With this relay setup, is there a reason to buy the actual Z-Wave smoke alarm? This seems to provide the ST trigger that something is going wrong.

No, there’s no reason to. This will do everything the z-wave alarm does and more. Since it’s already hard-wired with the rest of your alarms, if any one of them go off in your house you will be notified. I recommend testing it monthly still to make sure everything works correctly.

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Any chance you’d be willing to post or pm me that diagram?

I got this other relay…assume it will work for this but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I don’t have any experience with the relay your purchased, but this is the manual for the Kidde SM120X relay. You connect the Blue and Yellow wires to the door sensor terminals. When it comes to smoke alarm I’d go with the geniune Kidde relay, it’s about the same price.

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Maybe this will help you:

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Not everybody has Kidde brand alarms. Mine are USI and I think the relay Sgnihttrams linked to would be more appropriate for me.

Thank you both for the links and the great idea!

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I had no idea USI was a smoke detector brand. In that case, yes of course one should stick to the same brand.

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In my case, I think my detectors are Kiddie, but I got the relay I got, because it was said to be cross-compatible.