IRIS Smart Plug 3210-L

I have several of the old IRIS Smart Plug 3210-L, I have removed the device from ST. Then re-added it to ST. But, when it pairs to ST, it does not add back with an Edge Driver. I have tried several of the devices.

I have other types of plugs that have added the Edge driver just fine.

Anyway know what I need to do to get these IRIS plugs to work with the new Edge drivers? Thanks

How long ago did you try to add it? I just added one a couple nights ago and it added with the Zigbee Switch edge driver. Looking at the production channel of that Edge driver the fingerprint is there, so it should add with Edge.

This morning was the most recent try.

hmm, strange. Do you have any kind of custom Groovy DTH installed with the Iris 3210-L fingerprint that might be conflicting?

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Yes I do have DH. I removed it. Working now. Thanks for helping this old dummy. I really appreciate it.

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I have a couple of these; the Z-wave repeater component migrated already for both, but the Zigbee plug component hasn’t yet.

From the device handlers page, select the “Device Properties” button next to the name (three lines / three dots). Delete is at the bottom.

You won’t be able to delete the handler if there are devices still using it (if you’re trying to remove and re-add just one while leaving the others alone). Previously, you could comment out the fingerprint line of the DTH (then publish it, “for me”, with the modification). That would prevent the new device from finding the DTH when you add it, while allowing the other devices to continue functioning normally. I think editing has been turned off for Groovy now though, so you might be stuck removing them all in order to get rid of the DTH.

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