Do Iris 3210-L work with SmartThings December 2023?

The last posts I see about this device were when the IDE still existed. I have this and a similar CentraLite plug, neither of which seem to be recognized by my hub. Reset both. Of course, I had them both for holiday lighting, one in my garage, and one for our Christmas Tree. I’m guessing these are just garbage now. Glad the platform is making so much “progress” that all my stuff no longer works.

Install the following community developed Edge Driver: zigbee switch Power Mc driver.

To install, you need to click on the invitation link provided by the community developer in the first post of the following thread. Sign in and select the driver to install,on your hub. After installing, try to pair your sensors.

if the Edge drivers do not help with getting the devices connected, you can post in that thread for developer support. You can provide the fingerprints for your devices if needed.

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Sorry, I’m completely lost. I know I had to load a couple edge drivers about a year or so ago after a bunch of stuff broke when they discontinued the old device handlers, and don’t recall a ton about what I did, but I have never dealt with fingerprint files before. Is there a set of instructions? SmartThings doesn’t see these devices at all. Is that what you meant, by “do not connect?”

Update. I found the invite on this page: How to install Edge Drivers

Working on it. We’ll see if it works.

I was able to add both the IRIS 3210-L and Centralite 4257050-RZHAC plugs to ST after loading the 6.5 version of the edge driver, once I found the invitation link in the “How to install Edge Drivers” article linked above. Thanks for the point in the right direction.

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