Help W/Iris Smart Plug 3210-L

Trying to add an Iris Smart Plug but cannot get ST to discover it. I’ve added and published the DH handler, tried the zigbee reset, and still nothing. Of course I just finished reading a bunch of related threads but have yet to solve the issue.

When I am in live logging and push the button on the plug, I get this as a result:

8:29:53 PM: debug No devices to add, verified devices: [:]
8:29:53 PM: debug detecting status for 7c5a9966-1d83-4666-bc2e-6c2b81317960 : true
8:29:53 PM: trace in ssdpDiscover
8:29:53 PM: debug scheduled run, numberOfRuns: 10
8:29:53 PM: trace in discovery
8:29:52 PM: debug Patched device state.
8:29:52 PM: debug Post the device state to server: 8d9176ca-c454-451c-865f-adb13a5d78ce
8:29:52 PM: debug Detected state change: 8d9176ca-c454-451c-865f-adb13a5d78ce
8:29:52 PM: debug sending data to AT
8:29:52 PM: debug A sensor event occurred: [name:switch, deviceId:8d9176ca-c454-451c-865f-adb13a5d78ce, isoDate:2017-11-29T04:29:51.899Z, unit:null, value:on]
8:29:45 PM: info Waiting on events…
8:29:45 PM: info For past logs for individual things go to the My Devices section, find the device and click on the Events link on the device information page.
8:29:45 PM: info This console provides live logging of your SmartThings.

Good morning. First, you don’t need the DTH for the Iris Smart Plugs anymore so you should uninstall it. The benefit is the native driver runs local in the hub. The trouble you’re experiencing is rare but not unheard of, I’ve had a couple give me problems over the years too but once connected they stay connected and work great.

To fix the issue I would reset the SmartPlug. It’s entirely possible that the plug you purchased was previously returned and paired to another system. It could also be stuck in an intermediate state from your previous connection attempts. Resetting is easy. Remove the SmartPlug from the receptacle, press and hold the button then plug it back in while holding the button down for about a second after plugging in. You’ll see the blue LED triple blink meaning it’s ready to connect.

Yep. I had the same issue with a couple of them upfront… but once connected, they’ve been consistently good.

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Thank you so much @SteveWhite . I followed your instructions and now have a working SmartPlug. :slight_smile:

I am most grateful for your expertise !