Migrating from IRIS to smartthings: V3 GL08 smart plugs won’t add

Migrating all IRIS products to smartthings hub. I am not having any luck adding my IRIS plugs to smartthings. I have V3 gl08 smart plugs. I reset them and they just flash the wifi logo and they are within 1 feet from the smartthings hub. Used both smartthings apps and no luck. Please help.

That’s a WiFi device, which I doubt is natively supported by ST.


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Has anyone had luck with any IRIS outlets?

Yes. I have a bunch of the Iris Smart Plugs (3210-L). It’s a Zigbee Plug with a Z-Wave Repeater.

Be aware that none of the Iris Gen 1 Zigbee devices will work with ST or any other commercial system at this time. That is why Lowes provided refunds for those devices. So, in general, if you received a refund from Lowes for a specific device, it will most likely not work with any other system.

Iris Gen 2 Zigbee devices will usually work with other systems like SmartThings, Hubitat, etc…

UPDATE: Hubitat now supports most Iris v1 devices.

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Yeah, iris WiFi plugs don’t work with smartthings. The zigbee models do.

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I have the V2 IRIS smartplug (non-WiFi) and it works fine. You have to remove it from the IRIS hub first. I’m using the ADT Smartthings Panel/Hub.

I believe that a few platforms now support Iris gen 1 devices (Hubitat is one.) Are there any projects to bring them on to SmartThings?

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I wouldn’t hold your breath for Iris v1 devices on SmartThings… :wink:

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