Iris sensor failure

My iris sensor kept saying the window was open when it was closed. Then the lights kept blinking all different colors. I read to unpair it and reset it and repair it. I unpaired it and tried to do a reset but it won’t blink blue and won’t pair. I’ve tried several times. Any other suggestions?

Reset- pressed black button for 10 seconds and kept it compressed while putting in the battery and then held for another two seconds. It lit up red then nothing and smart things won’t find it.

That’s demo mode. Pull the battery with window open and put battery back in.

The window was closed. Right now it’s not blinking at all. It’s doing nothing and smart things won’t find it.

Sorry corrected my post. It has to be open when putting the battery in. Closed puts it in demo mode.

I tried doing it even with the sensor removed from the window and nothing happens. Right now the battery part is in my lap. I just reset and it nothing happens.

It’s never blinking blue which is what I need right?

Remove battery, wait 10 sec hold reset and put battery back in if your trying to reset it. Is it a new battery?

Not a new battery but the sensor is only 3 days old. Maybe it’s a bum battery. It’s lighting up though.

I’ll try again

To rejoin the ST hub, yes. Remove the battery, wait a few seconds, and then reinsert the battery while pressing and holding the black button down until you see the red light, then immediately let go of the button. The sensor should start blinking blue. If it’s already included in your hub, it may blink blue then green as it rejoins.

Here re the reset instructions:

It never blinked blue but the hub finally found it when I switched batteries with another sensor. I’m guessing the battery was too low to reach the hub to pair. Not sure why it didn’t blink blue but it is there. Thanks for the suggestion on the battery. Such a silly thing that I didn’t even think of.

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