Iris Door Sensor Battery Replacement

I have a few Iris door sensors that say are offline. The first one I looked at needed a new battery. How do I reset this sensor to work all it does is flash red & blue.

Step 1
Slide off the battery cover.
Remove battery and replace with
a new CR-2 battery.
Reassemble and test operation.
Step 2
Remove battery. Insert a paper
clip into the reset hole on
the side of the device. While
holding down the reset button,
reinsert battery to factory reset
the device.

Finally got it to work, had to do the reset 8-10 times.
Thanks mike

IIRC, flashing red and blue means you put it into demo mode. You do this by inserting the battery while the magnet is in range (closed). Simply remove and re-insert the battery with the sensor being away from the magnet part (open).

I have tried to do 3 more & everyone after I insert the battery & release the reset button I get 3 quick blue flashes a pose then the same three blue flashes keep going. The window is open & the sensor & magnet are at least 18" or more apart. What is going on?
Thanks, Mike

If you are just replacing the battery, you don’t need to press the button.

If you do press the reset button while inserting the battery, you reset the device and have it drop pairing. In that case, just re-pair it: remove the battery, put ST into pairing mode, and insert the battery. It should re-join and use the existing device (without losing it in any SmartApps, etc).