Iris open/close sensor

One of my Iris sensors battery died. Went through the normal motion of trying to swap battery and I have not been able to get it to work sense. I called the ST help desk and walked through some basic trouble shooting, but could not fix.

Does something need be done on the back-end in terms of clearing this device. Would anyone have a contact at ST they’d recommend connecting with?

Does the led blink on it whenxyou insert the battery? Try resetting and re-adding. Don’t need to remove.

Yes it goes blue then green…I have tried all the combinations of adding the device!

Ok, that means it knows about your hub but it may just not be able to communicate to it for a few reasons.

Do you have a lot of these sensors, and/or other Zigbee devices? If so, do you have any mains powered zigbee devices plugged in? Those can significantly help improve your zigbee mesh performance and reliability (and support more devices).

Have you tried re-pairing the device next to the hub? If it works there, does it work when you take it to it’s final location? If so, I suspect a range/interference issue.

Also delete any custom device handlers you may have for this device.

I believe I have a custom handlers (if that’s where you put code in to make it for example display battery life etc) Sorry its been a few years since I played around with devices. How can I validate if I did this?

Also I have a few other Iris sensors, do these device handles get applies per device or once created, apply to all the Iris Sensors I have?