Iris Gen2 contact sensor will not re-pair

I used to be able to re-pair these with ST in the old app, but cannot do so in the new app.

In the IDE, the device Type is a SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor.

I’ve tried zigbee repair (unplug ST hub for 15 minutes), changing device types…. no success. Right now the device is flashing blue, which it’s doing because I pressed its reset button while inserting the battery. No luck.

What am I missing?

Put the hub in pairing mode and reinsert the battery. I highly recommend using the Scan of nearby devices option.

I had done that, no go.

I finally powered down the Hue bridge and re-did the process. That worked! Very strange; Hue interferes with nothing else in the system. Its bridge is not in line of sight between the ST hub and this sensor… oh well. It’s working now.