IRIS sensor and surrounding metal

Hey all,

I have an IRIS contact sensor (3320-L) on a bedroom window that in front of it is a metal mini blind that is mounted inside the window casing so the sensor is literally surrounded by metal on 3 sides.

Is there anyway to shield the sensor from the mini blind? It’s already mounted as far outward as possible but I am still having open/close sense issues and now the batter is reporting -33%.

Thanks in advance

Hi Rick,
Is the sensor not reporting correct open/close status to the hub?

As for the battery, I know sometimes they can act crazy on the reporting.

What device handler are you using?

If you change it to the smart sense open/close sensor it will run as a local device. That may help if you aren’t using it already.

Hey Jason

Question, do you ever sleep? LOL Thanks for your contribution to the community

Reporting open/closed has been a bit flaky at time, the other days it wouldn’t quit blinking through the various colors. That seems to have stopped. It was not reporting correctly earlier this week but it’s been better lately

Not using any custom DH, just added the device through ST and that’s it

Yes, it’s already identified as a Smart Open/Close sensor


You can try the IRIS Power Plug it is a Zigbee repeater which might help if plugged in close to the window. Also check your WiFi channel to see if you are not in that no man’s place where WiFi overpowers zigbee. I think channel 6 might be safe. I am not an expert, but i think those are viable choices. Maybe one of our experts will chime in. I know I had a similar problem on a metal framed door and steel door and the power plug helped a huge amount, depending how far away you are from hub.

Yeah, I sleep sometimes, usually about 3 hours a night… It really sucks… But it’s not insomnia thank goodness… I just don’t need much sleep.

Ok, the blinking multiple colors. The last time you reset it by taking the battery out I bet you had it sitting right next to magnet, in a closed state. When you do that it puts it in to demo mode.

Move it away from the magnet, take out the battery fit six seconds and put it back in. That should fix that and get it internally set right.

I took the battery out again this time with the window open and it seems to be better now

The battery is now showing 11% so it needs to be changed for sure

Any suggestions on where to get decent CR2 v3 batteries that aren’t junk? $4-5 each seems pretty steep


I’d try Amazon first…

But before that, I’d check them with a meter. Just because it says 11% doesn’t mean anything.

If it’s actually at 11% the sensor wouldn’t even be working, that’s about 1/3 of a volt. The battery is pretty much worthless when it gets to about 2.6.

It measures 2.6v. In another contact sensor it’s showing 22% so still needs to be replaced. The used battery in the first contact sensor is reading 66% so the sensor seems to be fine.

Thanks for suggesting to measure it

at 2.6 it should read about 87%. which i’m guessing is still good… even though I said different earlier. I don’t know how much juice these things need… I’m just going off my experience in electronics with batteries…

Battery percentage (at least in this DTH) is reported over a range from 2.1 (0%) to 3.0 (%100), so 2.6V would be 55%. Some of the other ST handlers are using a different scale, but most have about the same usable voltage range.

Hey, I didn’t think about the upper and lower scale… Duh. Thanks