Iris Open/Close Sensors Unavailable

I keep having trouble with this one sensor. It hasn’t always been this way. Just the last month. I figured it might be range but I have sensors beyond his one that still connect strong. Any ideas?

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There’s been some discussion on this topic here. The thought is that the new health check option in the smart app might not be so accurate and some have suggested we turn that option off.

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Have you tried a new battery? The battery reporting isn’t accurate.

I’ve had to replace the battery in a few and sometimes re-pair my Iris sensors. Working on V1 hub. Took a few minutes at most. I thought the sensors went bad (I’ve had a few Smarthings multis die on me already).

Just replaced them a month ago.

Hmm. It’s just a critical entry point and I’d rather have something solid. Do you have any suggestions for solid open/close sensors?

I think the general consensus around here is the iris contact sensors are pretty solid. I have a few and I like them.


Having sensors farther away and still working doesn’t mean it’s not a mesh issue. Possible it’s using another repeater and the new firmware update broke it. Maybe doing a zigbee mesh heal just in case.


I have one door sensor and one motion sensor by Xiaomi took about an hour to be reconnected after the hub update a few days ago. It does seem to be a distance issue. The same sensors closer to the hub got reconnected within a couple minutes.