IRIS sensor showing as open when it's closed

Hello all,

I have several of the IRIS contact sensors and only 1 shows as open when it’s clearly not. It has happened twice in the past couple of days and no issues prior to that for the last month. Battery is 77%

If I go and open the window, it then reports as open, when I close it, it now reports as closed


Could be the platform instability, multiple people reporting sensor problems that started last week, some of which would clear up on their own and then come back. It’s just really hard to troubleshoot anything with the craziness going on right now.

But you could try the standard troubleshooting checklist if you want.

Thanks JD,

I wasn’t sure if this was related to the current status with ST or not. I will hold off for now, it’s not giving me any grief other than I just noticed it lately. I will wait it out

Thanks again for the troubleshooting tips, very useful :slight_smile:

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One thing I did one a few of my zigbee devices only that this has happened to (I am gone from home for 3 weeks so this is driving me nuts)…I went into the iOS app, and checked the recently tab of the device, then went to the main tab and hit refresh. Reviewed the recently tab 30 seconds later and I would see the status reset to the proper status and stay there.

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I am having the same problem with one of my IRIS contact sensors. Did you by any chance figure out what the issue was? I will try replacing the battery as well as changing the positioning of the sensor. But hoping you might have some insight before I go through a bunch of troubleshooting.

For me I added in 2 zigbee repeaters and rebuilt my zigbee network and all is good now

Good luck

Thanks for your response. I was actually able to figure out I believe it was from another thread @JDRoberts had posted regardarding their positioning. I was baffled because in the original mount position the two mark were perfectly aligned. But almost every time I would open the door I would notice the green light on the sensor would blink twice and I would get two open events in the device activity feed or it was reporting the wrong state (i.e. open when the door was closed). I tried to change the battery, do a rebuild, change the small magnet with a spare. The only thing I had not tried was changing the position because one would think being aligned and less than a quarter inch apart was a good thing. Nope not for this sensor at least. I pulled it off the door and started varying the width between the two parts of the contact sensor, that did nothing to improve things. So I started to vary depth between the two, as soon as the depth between the two pieces was varied. My problem with duplicate open events and contact not reporting correct state went away. The small magnet piece is now sitting almost 1/2 in front of the contact sensor on the door trim with the sensor itsel on the door. Hope this helps someone else who might experience the same issue with the Lowe’s iris sensor creating duplicate audio and push notification or sensor reporting incorrect state.

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