Iris hinge sensor

I was at lowes today and seen they have the new iris open/close hinge sensor. They are a little pricey at around $44.00. Does anyone know if these can you same device handler as there contact sensor?

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I believe these are made by Nyce sensors. They should be recognized by ST hub and pair directly.


Amazon says it works with SmartThings:

Nyce has the device type code on their website. I got mine off amazon and it’s working great, should have official integration soon though if you want to avoid adding the device type manually.

I have mine working too. Paired right away once I added the Nyce device type from their website. I will say that I have some concerns about the longevity of this product to hold up under conditions in which the door is used frequently. The device has a small thin metal tab at the bottom that has to meet with the hinge plate and it is very sensitive. So if it does not match up right it will not register the device state correctly. They provide a set screw to help with that but it takes some trial and error to get it to work correctly. If you have a door that has some play in it this device might not be the right way to monitor open and closed. In addition the metal tab is so thin I wonder if it will last very long on a well utilized door.

I just bought one at lowes a couple of days ago and it was working great. The hub detected it correctly and everything. However my hub tanked overnight so its getting replaced via amazon :confused:

How are these hinge contact sensors holding up?

Mine are holding up well. I have had them in for 8 months now without an issue.

Awesome! Thanks.

My local Lowes has a few on clearance… just wanted to make sure they weren’t junk before buying a few.

Mine have been holding has well. Battery life seems to be pretty good right now.

Yea ok well what model number???
There are 2 different ones