Iris Open/Closed sensor can't be found by ST

So here’s my tale of woe:

First off, I have two other Iris open/closed sensors working fine using the Smartsense Open/Closed Sensor device type.

Adding a third. Pulled the battery tab, it lit up.
ST found a Thing.
I added it, BUT initially went in to graph and added the WRONG device type to it.
Changed that, switching it to the proper Open/Closed.
Device would not report a status.
Forced closed the app, no change.
Deleted the device via the app. (graph confirms it’s gone)
Tried to add it again.
Pulled the sensor battery, etc.
ST does not find it.

This is a zigbee device and there doesn’t seem to be anything else I can try.

Any help?

In order to reset the device and get it to pair with SmartThings again I believe you need to follow these steps:

  1. Take out the battery
  2. Hold down the reset button
  3. Replace the battery while continuing to hold button
  4. Release button once light flashes (1-2 seconds after putting the battery back in)

At that point it should be reset and back in pairing mode, allowing you to add it back into the SmartThings hub. I know this works with their motion detector but I’m pretty sure it’s the same procedure for the open/closed sensor.

I appreciate the instructions.

However, I don’t see a reset button!

It’s recessed in the unit looks like a little silver thing if I remember correctly

Thanks, but I don’t see any sorts of buttons at all.


Here you go marked in red.


Reset now, blinking blue. Aaaaand ST still isn’t seeing it :frowning:

The weird thing is that ST didn’t have trouble with 2 other examples of this hardware.

Hmmm I would double check to make sure the old paired device was deleted(check IDE also), reboot hub just for safe measure. Also are you close to the hub while pairing? Last thing would be to run an exclusion.

For me it’s always been a device hanging around still or an exclusion.

It’s zigbee, so no exclusion, right?

You might be right. I was just thinking of all possibilities.

Took one more chance to see if it was working, and the reset did it! thought it was unregistered, but it magically started reporting correctly.

Thanks @cellblazer! I googled the help out of that sensor and could not find an online manual or a picture of the reset button.

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