Iris contact sensors stopped working as of 09/01

Pardon me if this question has been answered. I searched but I didn’t find the answer.

I have 3 IRIS contact senors (open/close) bought from Lowe’s back in 2016 and I paired them with my v2 hub since then. It worked really well until the day before yesterday, 09/01/19, when all of sudden, all three of them became unavailable. I have rebooted the hub, reset the device, changed battery, nothing helped. I have tried to reconnect, wasn’t able to find the device.

I just found that IRIS service was stopped sometime earlier. But I think the sensor uses Zigbee anyway, so it does not need the service to function, correct?

Any suggestions? Three of them went offline at the same time is a bit suspicious. Does samsung stopped support them?


Did you cut power or remove any zigbee repeating devices from your hub?

All of mine are working just fine. I’ve got around 30+ of them running here.

I haven’t heard of anyone else reporting problems on that device, so it sounds like something local. Are these the only zigbee devices that you have? Have you checked the hub details in the IDE to make sure that the hub’s own zigbee radio is still working?