Iris Motion Sensor Dropped - Options to Reconnect

I have 9 Iris motion sensors, one of which used to give me fits with dropped connections until I put in Cree Connected bulbs around the house and now it’s fine. However, after a few weeks with another Iris MS working just fine it has dropped off the network. When I had the problem with the other one I mentioned I used to just pop the battery and it would reconnect every time. This one though is flashing blue when I pop the battery like it’s in pairing mode again.

Do I have to ‘remove’ the Thing and repair to get this going again or are there other things I can try? I don’t want to have to redo the automations I have set up around it.

just reset it and re-add it. You won’t get a notification somehting added, but if it rejoins properly you should get activity under the exiting device.

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Thank you. I went to do as you suggested but it ended-up not being necessary. I had left the battery out for an hour. When I put it back in this time no blue flashing and it showed-up in ST as online again. SMH.

Im having this with all of my osram lights. Frustrating. Support isn’t helping either.