SmartThings Motion went offline

My motion detector went offline any way to get it back?

Take the battery out, wait 15 seconds and put back in. My multi sensors drop off all the time and I just reset them this way with no problems.

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That didn’t work, si I tried reseting it. No luck, I followed the directions on the ST support page and the Blue light never comes on. The light only goes orange then turns off.

My one as well and online after exactly one hour I suspect some server side issue

Mine was removed as a last resort and now won’t pair.

I have raised a ticket to smartthings in additional to two old cases just been using the starter kit for 2 weeks with motion sensor doa

I try to pair the light goes Blue for a second turns green then goes off. I can’t seem to get it into pairing mode. Most over times it turns orange stays there for a few seconds and then turns green for a second then off.