Iris migration - TONS of issues with adding Devices to SmartThings

Hello all! I was a long-time Iris user, with a number of different connected devices throughout my home. I bought one of the Smartthings/ADP hubs in an effort to migrate everything over, and it’s been a mess.

Perfect example - I have two of the exact same Iris thermostats. Tried to get each of them paired - one immediately connected, and have tried the other for days and can’t get it to pair for anything. This is even after taking the hub within feet of the device that won’t play ball.

My biggest issue though is with this GE in-wall switches. Most of them are either model ZW4001 or ZW4005 (with one dimmer and two fan controllers sprinkled in there). I have 12 of these around the house. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to what will connect and what won’t. One switch immediately connected. Another connected while I was on the phone with a Smartthings rep (yet none of the others would), and another randomly showed up a couple of days ago. I’ve had three 1 hour + calls with a Smartthings rep, and nothing is working - we’ve tried turning the switches off and on while Smartthings searches for them, we’ve tried re-setting them by pressing on 10 times, we’ve tried repairing the Z-wave network…you name it. The overwhelming majority just will not pair.

I disconnected all the switches from Iris before I tried to pair them with the Smartthings hub.

I’m at my wits end because my Iris system worked perfectly for six years, and how I have a mess on my hands. ANY insights on what I could do to save this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

Those are older devices, and many of them do not support “network wide inclusion“ which means they will probably have to be close to your hub at the time of pairing. And the ones which do support network wide inclusion have to have a pathway all the way back to the hub.

So this may just be a question of which devices are already on the network to create a backbone. Or, again, where the hub is physically.

It is possible that you will have to move the hub from room to room until you get everything paired and then run a zwave repair utility at the end after you put the hub back where you wanted to clean up all the neighbor tables.

Unfortunately, smartthings doesn’t give us any mapping utilities for the network.

But my first guess, and it’s very common when moving from one hub to another, regardless of Brand, is that it’s just a broken mesh because you are now adding back devices in a different order than you did the first time.

It’s fixable, if that’s what it is, it’s just tedious.


Thanks JDRoberts! I’ll try moving the hub around tonight to see if that does anything - I really appreciate the insights!


Good luck – – let us know how it goes. :sunglasses:

You probably already know all of the following, but just in case:

Start with post 11 in the following thread, then after you read that go back and read the whole thread. (The topic title is a clickable link)


Sounds like you got pretty good advice so far. I just migrated somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 devices over from IRIS, which I started using right when it first came out. Fortunately Lowes did good by us, and they paid me a significant amount of cash for all of my first gen stuff, none of which I can use with IRIS of course. The later generation stuff and generic items like the GE switches however all transferred over… I’ve also added another 20 or so devices since I was working smart thing issues.

My Radio thermostat was the hardest thing to get to pair. I had to get the hub right by it, exclude it several times making sure the app said excluded, and I also had to do a reset on the thermostat itself.

Several of my older regular z-wave GE switches were a little bit troublesome to connect. I had to get the hub near them, which fortunately is easy with the Gen 3 martthings hub. I then had to exclude them with the hub close by, then pair them the hub nearby as well. One other thing is make sure you’re using the “Classic” app when you pair them. I found that the classic app paired devices much easier than the new app. You would think they would both work equally well since they’re using the same hub, but that wasn’t my experience by any means. This even applied to newer smartthings devices where you scan the barcode with the new app. It wouldn’t always find them where the old app would automatically find them.

Good luck, I was fortunately able to find all the knowledge, and device handlers necessary for my transition on these forums with exception of a device handler I had hoped to find for my Orbit/IRIS irrigation controller. Hopefully you’ll have similar results.