Iris GD00Z-1 ZWave Garage Door Opener

So i have this garage door opener iris GD00Z-1 that used to work when Samsung had the older Smartthings app and then it quit working at some point (when they updated to the newer app and platform) and for some years I haven’t bothered to fix it but i’d really like to get this working again if its possible. I think on the older platform I had pasted in some custom code or something to make it work, is it possible to get this working again? I replaced the coin battery on the sensor attached to the garage door and unplugged the unit that connects to the motor and it flashed a light but the new smartthings app just says offline.

I have the Iris GD00Z-1, and it works fine with the stock Z-Wave garage door opener Edge driver. Try excluding it, and then pairing it again; it should pair with that driver. Unfortunately, it is Z-Wave and not Z-Wave Plus, so you will have to have it within a few feet of the hub to pair it.


The old DTH device handlers have been replaced with Edge drivers that are installed on your hub so that devices run locally. To help you out, need to know a couple of things, namely what driver your device is currently using and the fingerprint (Mfg code/model) of your device. From there, we can help point you in the right direction. You can find this information in the ST Advanced Web App which is a web interface that provides more detailed information about your devices, similar to information that used to be in the old IDE. Locate your device and the information I mentioned above and post here.


Sounds like you’ve already gotten good advice, but if you do want to learn a little more about the setup and terminology for the 2024 SmartThings architecture, see the first section of the community FAQ and it should help with that:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)


Device Label
Linear GoControl Garage Door Opener

Device ID

Z-Wave Garage Door Opener 2024-01-30T21:36:18.695280475 f2f2679a-24fb-40da-9322-4c85988e9b53



Manufacturer Name

Manufacturer Code

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Looks like the stock Z-Wave Garage Door Opener driver is installed. @mlchelp Is that the same model as your opener that is working?

Since Michael says it’s working with the stock driver, I would follow his suggestion and exclude the device from your hub and re-add it.

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Can you please provide some instructions for excluding and re adding? I have not done this.

Two parts to excluding:

  • Put the hub in general exclusion mode
  • Put the device in include/exclude (link) mode

From the ST mobile app, go to your hub and click on the 3 dot menu. From there Settings->Z-Wave Utilities->Z-wave exclusion. Once the hub is in exclusion mode, click on the Link button on the side of the Iris controller unit. If the exclude is successful, the app should say “Device deleted”.

Once deleted, you should be able to add the device back from the mobile app and pressing the Link button again while the app is in pairing mode.


Mine is exactly the same.

As I previously mentioned, this device is Z-Wave and not Z-Wave Plus. You may encounter problems with it if it’s too far from your hub. You will need some solid powered Z-Wave Plus devices between your hub and the device!

Mine works fairly well, but I do encounter the same issue as everyone else where it gets stuck in the opening state, and I fix it by opening and closing it again. I’ve seen a lot of people opt for a different aftermarket sensor, and it fixes the issue. The stock Iris sensor burns through batteries; I have to replace mine every 4 months or so. I’m planning to replace it in the summer with something else. It’s on my third garage door, and I don’t really use it except when the grandchildren come and want to get their quads out.

Before the migration to Edge, it worked better with the Rboy DTH driver.


They are not that far away though, the hub is in 1 room and the adjacent room is the garage which is not very big

oh my gosh this worked, wow that was so easy!
Thank you!


If you want it to continue working, make sure you have a mains powered Zwave Plus device in your garage!


Is there anything you can recommend? I’m in USA.


Maybe convert your garage light switch to a Z-Wave smart switch. Or perhaps the outlet that the garage controller plugs into. I think @JDRoberts would recommend a Zooz device.


Just buy a Z-Wave smart plug that is compatible with ST and plug it in where the device is plugged in. You would then plug the door opener into the smart plug, and then you can reboot it if you see a problem.

Try it for a while first. If you have issues, then add the Z-Wave device. The Z-Wave on those old Linear devices is very poor and has limited range.