New Iris Garage Door Opener

Hello. Does anyone know if the new Iris garage door opener will work with smartthings? It is Z-Wave compliant.

Here is the link to the product:

Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Controller:

Product number: 589237


It will most likely not work :frowning: Anything labeled with the Iris brand uses a proprietary HA protocol. If it is manufactured by someone else and says “works with Iris” then it just uses regular zwave. Hope that helps.

This is normally true to iris products. But this isn’t zigbee it is a zwave certified product. It works with other zwave controller.

You can find more on this device on other threads such as the following:

I have this set up and it works just fine.

How did you get smartthings to notice your iris garage door opener controller? Mine is not being seen by Smartthings. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Yes it is compatible as iris is the same as z-wave garage door opener. Since it uses Z-Wave it’s compatible with SmartThings. iris Lowe’s brand is added on the device. I installed it and it works great

I just bought the Iris opener from Lowes, it was on sale for $50 and I couldn’t pass it up. It paired up nicely (press the button on the side once while your SmartThings app is scanning) and it shows up. I have it in a couple of routines. One for when my wife arrives it will automatically open. So far that has worked even though I’ve seen were others have had issues with being aware of your location. I also have it in a another routine for locking down at night at a specific time. We use iPhone 6’s and have the app allowed to use our location always rather than only in the app for reference.

I’ve used Iris for years, and am slowly porting things over to SmartThings. I found that you must unpair your device from Iris before it will be recognized by the ST hub.

If this may have been the case for you, I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

How has your transition been? I have been using iris for 3 years and am about to make the switch to smart things. Was it really worth it and did all your iris sensors work with smarthings? Don’t want to buy all new contacts all over again.

Welcome to the Community!

Your old gen 1 Iris specific devices won’t work, just the new ones in the purple boxes. Other devices that work with Iris, like the GE switches, smoke/CO2 detectors, etc will still work. There are a few discussions about which will and won’t work, so I recommend a quick search.

Almost all my devices came from Lowes, so if you have any questions please ask and we can help!

well luckily I don’t have a lot of the old sensors and did buy the new ones when I expanded. I know my GE light switches will work and schlage door lock plus my smart bulbs but what about my garage door?

Hi @jmnewbury, that should work just fine because it’s just a rebranded version of NuTone’s, which is a rebrand of a couple others. You’ll be able to find a few posts on that device in the Community as well.

Any chance to modify the device type to show up as a lock?

I’m trying to use the buttons of the SmartFob to control the garage door opener, but its not showing up as a lock.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @KC_703, your post is quite confusing. What Smartfob? This Iris one? If you have the right DH, you should just define one of the buttons, so I’m confused as to why it needs to be seen as a lock.

@johnconstantelo Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the confusing post… I’m probably using wrong terminology. But I’m making some headway

The Iris FOB has four buttons and requires the Button Controller+ SmartApp for configuration. The app natively supports: lights, locks, dimmers… etc. The GD00Z-1 doesn’t show up as a selectable item under locks… because it doesn’t have lock listed as a capability.

So working with the Button Controller+ Smartapp, adding a section called “Doors” with the “capability.actuator” allows the GD00Z-1 to be selected. Still hacking my way through the “open / close” toggling…

Anyway… I think I may be able to get there.

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Unusual question: I recently moved and took the Iris Garage Door Opener but did not take the tilt sensor with me. Would I be able to use any tilt sensor in conjunction with the garage door opener or am I out of luck?

What is a good garage door opener for my ST system. Don’t want a new actual system just an attachment to make it so I can control it. I know I can get the gocontrol. Didn’t know if there was a cheaper option.

You could use CoRE to set up piston. Core waits for a button press from your fob, and when that button press occurs it opens/closes the garage door.

I believe you could put logic in the piston to also check to see if the door is open or closed and provide the appropriate command, close if it’s open, open if it’s closed.