Iris z wave garage door opener, replacing the tilt sensor

So I have the Lowes Iris Z wave garage door opener (their flavor of the Linear/GoControl Garage Door Opener, GD00Z) and I think the tilt sensor is defective. The Controller connects to the device, works for a few days and then goes to always Unknown. Also because of that, it won’t accept any Open/Close instructions.

So I want to know if anyone knows of a way to replace the Tilt Sensor (TILT 345) with another, preferrably different tilt sensor? Specifically I purchased the “Ecolink Z-Wave Wireless Tilt Sensor” per another post on this forum.

I tried holding the button for 7 sec then rocking the new sensor but doesn’t seem to work. I feel like its not possible but wanted to ask.


My ecolink will says the garage is open when it is closed. The sensor is on a 90degree so it might just be the device.

not possible. Have you tried a new battery? I think Go Control’s support is usually pretty good. Drop them a line and see if they can help or send a new one.

@dhergert did you ever get this issue fixed and how? I’m having the exact same issue.