Iris Garage Door Opener Glitch

Hello, I recently got my ADT Smartthings hub set up and connected a bunch of old devices left over from my Iris days. Went surprisingly smooth overall but I’ve had a glitch with the Iris Garage Door Opener. Randomly it will start to record that it is being operated and the state of the contact is changing too. It will do this many times and then stop. Usually ends up showing the incorrect state of the door; For example it is currently showing open and I verified visually that it is closed and has been closed for the last hour and a half. Any words of wisdom from anyone out there that has seen this situation?

sounds like your account is linked to somebody else’s opener.

There are many old reports of high latency notifications - they are not usually well-synchronized like “hey it says my garage door is commanded, and then the door status changes too” . So I don’t think this is high-latency at work, but maybe.

I’d put a non-smartthings camera on it as confirmation.

Always a good idea to turn the power off of the door opener, when you leave. Many incidents of unintended opening.

Maybe check your battery in the sensor, or re-pair the sensor. I think you hold the button till you hear a beep and then open and close door twice. It’s been awhile but I think that was the procedure.

Another former Iris user here. My experience with the Iris GDO’s was not good. They were consistently problematic for me over the years that I used them. I know several other’s that have also had problems with them on both the Iris system and the SmartThings system. The common denominator was the Iris (Linear) GDO’s.

I switched to MyQ openers and gateway and have not looked back. They have performed flawlessly.

Thanks everyone.
I don’t think my account is cross linked with someone else’s opener. I have seen it where it is constantly opening and closing over several minutes. I’m certain it is a glitch in my opener.

I have had issues with this Iris opener in the past. In that case it would disconnect every so often from the Iris hub. Resetting it was a reliable way to get it to work. I don’t have good enough data to say for certain but this seemed to correlate to actuating the door remotely through the Iris system. But the correlation was far from perfect. Didn’t happen everytime I remotely actuated and sometimes it would disconnect soon after but sometimes it would be days after. Not enough data points to be conclusive in my opinion.
I am going to try to replace the battery in the tilt sensor. Then try to reset it using the above procedure.

On the MyQ openers; is that a genie product? Does it integrate with Smartthings? I would like to create scenes where the door is triggered to open or close based on external input.


MyQ is Chamberlain. MyQ Lite is what I am connected to SmartThings with and I am able to use voice commands to open and close the doors with Alexa. She also announces with the doors open and close.

Thank you! I have a Genie door opener. will the MyQ Lite work with it?

You will need to go to their website to see for sure about your specific model but they have a WiFi hub that is supposed to work with most openers. You can also install MyQ wall switches and use those with their gateway which is what I did in our previous house. There are a couple of options to make it work.

You can use Alexa with the Iris GDOs, you have to setup virtual switches but it easy to do and works well. I only use mine to close the door with a goodnight scene. I have 4 and they have all worked flawlessly under Smartthings.

You might also confirm if your opener is in the compatibility list for the linear. For some Genie brand openers, it depends on how you connect it and which control module/button you have connected with it.

I know I’m a couple of months late to this thread, but I have the same problem with my Iris opener. The sensor would go crazy some times and report the door was open/closed when it wasn’t. Sometimes this would happen numerous times an hour. I just purchased and put on a separate z wave tilt sensor from Ecolink. I did this because the cost of this separate sensor was far less than replacing the entire Iris opener, which still opens and closes the door fine. I’m hopeful that this is an inexpensive way to fix my issue, especially since the door opening/closing triggers a lot of events at our house.