Iris Garage Door [GD-00Z-1] works from time to time in [I'm Back]

I am not sure if this has ever happened to other people as well.
A couple month ago, I switched from Iris to SmartThings :grin:, and SmartThings took my Iris garage door controller without any problem ( model: GD-00Z-1). I know it runs on z-wave network. and I have a health z wave network at home ( the hub is at second floor right above the controller which is mounted at garage ceiling).

I set it to OPEN garage door on [I’m Back], close garage door on [Goodbye].
Here is the problem:

  1. When I park my car outside the garage, my phone triggers [I’m Back], the status went from AWAY to DISARMED, and lights got turned on, but garage door won’t open. If I pull up my iphone, and manually press the [I’m Back], I just “MIGHT” get it to work after 3 - 5 tries (I can hear the sharp beeping sound).

If I just press the Garage button/icon under things, it works 10 out 10 times. I don’t understand why it takes multiple tries for routines but one single try for icon press.

  1. When I leave my house, I usually manually press [Goodbye], same issue with [I’m Back], the garage doesn’t start closing, and Smartthings gives me this nasty message like “Home is armed but Garage is still open”.
    Sometimes, it does start closing, but it takes several seconds for it to completely close. Before it closes, the same message pops up.

Now I kind of figure out a way to get around [Goodbye]. I will just use my car’s remote to close the garage, and let the presence sensor kick in and then auto perform [Goodbye]. I set my timeout to 2 mins.

I am wondering if someone else has any solution for problem 1 and 2, or perhaps share your own set up?

Try using a smartapp called Webcore. Smartthings routines are usually hit or miss.

You can do the things you mentioned-and so much more- with Webcore.

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I have the same issue with GD-00Z-1. It is a problem with the opener, not ST. Periodically I have to unplug the unit, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. Then it will be fine for awhile, and sooner or later repeat the proceedure.

Thinking about getting a smart plug and have a WebCore piston periodically turn it off and back on.
Maybe that will fix it.

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I also moved from Iris to ST and use the same GDO, in fact I have two, I have the same setup. The GDO opens when it detects my wife or my presence via our phones and it opens every time. I don’t have it open my shop on presence but I do have a Lock up routine I run when I leave and both GDOs close without fail. I know that doesn’t really help you, but it’s not every Iris GDO because mine seem to work great with ST.

I also have mine on a smart plug. I turn it off when no one’s home. So the door doesn’t accidentally open when we’re gone. Probably overkill, but it gives me peace of mind

I took a smart plug and fed the GD controller thru it. Well that didn’t work quite the way it should. It appears once you unpower the GD controller it will not work until the door is opened or closed manually, ie by the normal button. My thought was to reset the GD periodically to fix why it doesn’t work. And it does fix that, but if I don’t open the door by other means it won’t work anyway. So back to the drawing board.

After a couple of days using life360 I can say the changes are day and night, it works 90%. The only down sign is it works too well sometimes, meaning sometimes I got stopped by the traffic light next to my house, and the ST has detected me and open the garage. Most the time it is fine, but sometimes I have to wait like 2-3 mins while the garage is open.

Is there a way to set the detection distance on ST or life360. I kinda remember about a setting of 1000 ft, but I forgot where it was.