Iris/First Alert smoke/CO Detectors - Not Pairing Correctly?

I noticed that when I re-paired an Iris (Lowes) Smoke Dectector that it paired as “First Alert Detector”, but with ST device handler “Z-wave Smoke” instead of “Z-wave Basic Smoke”. while this is okay, technically it is just a basic smoke detector.

Also noticed that when I re-paired about 10 First Alert Smoke/CO Detectors (ZCOMBO) that they all paired as “Smoke Detector”, but with ST device handler “Z-wave Basic Smoke” instead of “Z-wave Smoke”. Thus, only the Smoke tile shows on the app. I was able to change the device handler in the ide to “Z-wave Smoke” and then both the smoke and CO tiles showed up in the app.

maybe something needs to be changed on the backend programming?

I have 3 of the First Alert Zcombo devices that were paired several years ago and as well as a 4th one that was paired about a month ago. All 4 are using the “Z-Wave Smoke Alarm” device handler. This was the handler auto detected, I didn’t change it. Also both the smoke and CO show up properly in the new app.

i remember several years back they paired as “First Alert Detector”. Then about a year or 2 ago some were pairing as “Zwave Basic Smoke”. Today out about 15 only 2 paired as “First Alert Detector” and the interesting part is that those 2 had no event readings and the battery level wouldnt show on the app until I excluded and re-paired them at which time they paired as “Zwave Basic Smoke” and had to change the device type to “Zwave Smoke Alarm” like the rest.