Iris Migration (First Alert Zcombo & Zsmoke detectors)

Migration from Iris to ST going well but ran into first issue. When I went to add First Alert smoke detectors, First Alert does not show up as one of the brands of devices. I also tried auto detect while smoke detector was in pairing mode with no luck. ST website says these are supported devices so why is First Alert not showing in brands of devices to add? I am using the latest 3rd generation ST Hub with latest ST (Samsung Connect) App on IOS iphone/ipad. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Mine added fine (both the combo and the smoke only) to ST. I had to press the button while putting the battery in and wait for a blink, I believe. I entered pairing mode and selected them (First Alert Smoke Alarm and First Alert Smoke Detector and CO Alarm are both in the marketplace under Smoke Detectors).

Thanks. Can you explain where you selected these devices to add for its not what I’m seeing in the app. Basically the app has two sections of devices to add, Samsung devices and all other brands. In the all other brands you see about 30 different brands of devices but no First Alert. I don’t see where in the app you can even select by device type like Smoke Alarms. I’m a bit confused, maybe you are using the classice app?

I see First Alert in the brand list. Choosing any Z-wave device puts the hub in general inclusion mode.

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Not showing in my brand list which is in alphabetic order. The only brands showing up in the F’s are Fibaro and FortrezZ. This makes no sense.

That list varies by region, so the region might be wrong on your Samsung account. You can check at

Either way, choose any z-wave device, confirm the hub is blinking a green led and then put the smoke detector in pairing mode.

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Are you using the classic app? That’s what I used.

Use the classic app, then exclude, then try to add it back

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Thank you, your solution worked. Did not realize the trick of selecting any Z-Wave Brand device to pair a brand not in list. ST recognizes the correct device and brand.