First Alert Smoke C/O Detector (ZCOMBO)

So, I recently had to hard rest my hub due to a firmware update changing the zigbee channel and something causing interference.

i was able to add back in all of my previous first alert smoke c/o detectors (zcombo) with little to no trouble after first excluding them.

the new first alert smoke c/o detectors are being a royal PITA to get paired. These are the ones in the new smaller package. While the package says ZCOMBO on the back above the UPC, on the front top right it says ‘works with ring’.

i’ve been able to get 2 to finally pair after major trouble, excluding several times in a row, then trying to pair several times. though when they do pair they are pairing as ‘z-wave basic smoke alarm’. then, i go into the IDE and change the device handler type to ‘z-wave smoke alarm’. on the app it shows clear and clear for both smoke and C/O.

is anyone else having a royal PITA time trying to get these new first alert smoke c/o detectors (zcombo) paired?!

It appears to be the same model, just new packaging.

Yup, still ZCOMBO model, but something must have changed somewhere as it takes a moving of the earth to get these new units paired. The older units that I already had paired almost right away. when they paired (older units) the listed name was ‘First Alert Soke and Carbon Monoxide Detector’ vs. when the new units paired finally the listed name was just ‘Z-wave Basic Smoke Alarm’.