iPhone audible notifications?

I am waiting for an aeotec indoor siren to arrive, but would like something a bit more noticeable that the notification message which pops up if a door sensor is triggered when I’m out. Is there something a little noisier and or more visible I can setup on my iPhone ? I am using the newer iPhone app for SmartThings. On page which sets what to do for an intrusion it says Sirens None - which is correct for the moment, but the Audio Notification - Audio Devices section at the bottom is says None Available. Not sure what might be in that section ?

Send a text message. I tend to check when I receive a text message on my iPhone as opposed to a push notification.

These would be speakers such as sonos, etc that would allow you to send notifications through audio alerts.

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I suspect not - but would it be possible to send a notification to a Google Home ?

Also, with text notifications on an iPhone, you can modify the tones associated to it.

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I’m very new so I’ve not seem how to do that yet. I have used a 3rd party tool called PushOver with a different app.


If you add the Samsung number to your contacts, you can then edit it and one of the options is to change the tone when you receive a text from that number.

In the IF THEN actions I only have Notify Me, Control a Device and Change This Locations Mode. How do I add the sms option ?

Yikes, I missed where you said you are using the new app. Best recommendation is to install the Classic app and install smart home monitor on it. Then you will find 4 alerts are available to use; text/push notifications, audio notifications, alerts with sirens and alerts with lights

OK - shall I leave both on my iPhone or will they fight with each other ?

You can install both and use them both. Just be aware, the smart home monitor is a separate app on each.

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