SHM Ios Intrusion Alert goes unnoticed - Feature Request

The Smart Home Monitor makes itself out to be a Home Security System. It has one major flaw, when an Intrusion is detected, the iOS Notification goes by like a ship in the night. There should be an option to pick the notification sounds, alerts, etc… such that it can not go unnoticed (Think Klaxons,Fireworks, Vibrations, Flashing Screens)

Does this require an ios SmartThings App Change?

As a back up, can I catch the push event from Smart Home Monitor that an Intrusion (or Fire) has happened and redirect this to Pushover? How would I go about doing this?

I would agree with you, it would be nice if SmartThings notifications for Smart Home Monitor could be enhanced within iOS to assign say a unique vibration, allow ringtone even if phone is on vibrate/silent, or flash the screen or even the LED light. Just not sure that possible for on App in iOS but maybe someone with more developer knowledge can chime in.

You do have a few options to improve your ‘notifications’ today.

  • Within the Smart Home Monitor you can set-up the notifications to be both iOS Notification and a Text Message. Getting both at once helps recognizing the alert.
  • Use IFTTT. I have IFTTT setup to notice if my alarm turns on (which would be triggered from SHM) to then call me call phone. I find this the most noticeable.
  • Use SmartRules. Similar to above, I have SmartRules setup to recognize when my alarm turns on, and my phone presence isn’t detected, to send me a text message that reads “ALARM IS GOING OFF”
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My solution:

Create a Device of Simulated Switch.
Install the SmartApp “Pushover me when…”.
Populate your data from your Pushover account
Configure SHM to “Alert With Lights” and activate your simulated Switch.
Configure PushOver When to send a Pushover when the Simulated Switch is turned on/off.

You could repeat this for each of the 4 priority Notifications from Pushover.

I now have better Control over the Notifications!

All this so I can pick the sound that is played with a uninformative notification text of “Virtual Light Switched On”! :frowning:

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