iOS widget use


I recently switched from wink to SmartThings and have been have an issue with the widgets on my Apple phone. I used to be able to one click and turn lights off from the wink widget but when I try and set it up with SmartThings it won’t link to the scenes I have set up. It keeps saying set up scene, which I have 2 set up.


In the ST app, click on the menu (3 bars in the upper left) click on settings (the cog) and choose Widgets. Select the widgets you want to show on your iOS device and click Save in the upper right of the screen. Then you will see your widgets on your iPhone :slight_smile:

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Hint: you have to physically select them so a :white_check_mark: shows up. Threw me for a loop for a while as well

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Ahh gotcha. I didn’t realize that you had to click them. I figured that once you created a scene they would show up.

Thank you

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Omg thank you. The setup is super unclear: I’d added the favorite scenes and saw them listed under the widget setting, but I had no idea in the setting menu they must also be clicked and selected. Horrible UI there, not to mention the empty widget just says to add favorite scenes and you’re left to discover the widget setting submenu too.