No iOS widget

Hi guys, I am using Smartthings hub wifi and iOS app to control the hub.

However, I cannot see a widget to add to the widget screen. Like I just cannot see a widget at all.

I have even gone into the app settings and selected my favourite scenes. But no luck. I have also tried deleting and reinstalling the app.

There is no widget showing up at all.

Any help please. Thank you.

On your iOS device, have you clicked edit below the widget screen, clicked on customize and selected SmartThings to appear in the widget screen?

Yes I have tried it but it doesnt show up in there. It’s really weird. I have also tried turning the phone on and off, but no luck.

Just checking…

In menu > settings > widget > you selected 8 or fewer scenes and they have a blue check mark to the right and you clicked Save in the upper right of the screen?

Just checking in to see if this has been resolved. I’ve never been able to get widgets working with the new app. 2 scenes created and selected and it just doesn’t appear anywhere and doesn’t show up in a search.

deleted and reinstalled app
Removed and re added devices
Tried new devices
Power cycled

Bought a new phone!

I’m out of ideas at this point. I’m getting really frustrated with all the things that should work but don’t.

after you select the scenes in the ST app > menu > widget… have you selected edit > customize on the widget screen on your iOS device and checked that smartthings is selected to be shown on the widget screen?