iOS Today View widget - adding a scene

The iOS Today View are the widget(s) that appear when you swipe right on the screen, they can appear on both the lock and regular unlocked screens. It’s possible to add SmartThings to these widgets by editing the visible widgets (there’s an edit button at the bottom of the current widgets list).

Having added the SmartThings widget it shows “No favorite scenes” and then a button below that says “Add scenes”

I hit the button and it launches the SmartThings new app. My questions is, what next? In other words how do I add these scenes to the widget? I’ve tried clicking on the scene but that just activates whatever the scene is supposed to do! I’m stuck and can’t find anything that relates to these iOS Today View widgets.

Help gratefully accepted :-).

Click on the menu ( three bars in the upper left of the screen) then select settings (the cogwheel) and go to widget. Then you can click on the scenes you want to add, a blue check mark will appear in the left of the field when they are selected.

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Genius - Thank you, I did find this menu but didn’t get any visual cue that clicking on the scene would do the trick. It just goes to show you the power of good user interface design :-)…

I’m very grateful for your help.

I told them this in beta :frowning:

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