Pushover or any ios notification sounds

(Isriam) #1

I’m trying to integrate something like sonos but without purchasing a sonos speaker. I’ve found pushover on IOS which integrates with IFTTT to offer something close. If a door opens, IFTTT sends a notification to pushover, and pushover notifies my ipad with a custom alert sound.

The pushover smartapp i found here didn’t seem to work, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a app that would integrate directly in with ST and IOS to offer this functionality? I need a loud siren or something besides the standard tri-tone sound from IOS on notifications because I’m tying this to a door that when it opens I want to be notified loudly during the night.

(Isriam) #2

no one in the entire community is using a pushover app or a notification app besides sonos? :frowning: I found this to be a great replacement for sonos based on the amount of tablets laying around, but unfortunately IOS doesn’t support custom sounds without something like pushover.

(Joe) #3

I just started looking into pushover and I don’t really understand it. Maybe I’m a bit slow on it, but it looks like you have to custom develop stuff to use it.

(Marc) #4

Some of us use PushBullet. There’s a smartapp for it, just search the forums, You can’t customize the iOS notification sound natively though.

(Eric R) #5