Response to Notify Me When

So I’m aware of apps like Notify Me When that will send a push notification or an SMS when an event occurs. But I feel like there are situations where the loop is not fully closed.

Here’s an example. Let’s say I want SmartThings to send me a notification when my garage door has been open for more than 15 minutes. Fine, I can do that. But what I can’t do is quickly close the door from the notification itself. I have to close the notification, open the SmartThings app, go to my Garage group, find the right tile and tap it to close the garage.

Same goes for receiving an SMS.

What I’d like to be able to do is specify as part of a SmartApp what the Notification controls are. So if I’m setting up a Notify Me When smartapp for my garage door, I would like to be able to say “What action button(s) should you see?” and choose a device that’s tied to that action button.

I can probably accomplish this with Tasker on Android, but I’m wondering if it makes sense to have something like this built into the app on both iOS and Android.


ohhhhhhhhhhhh that’s cool!

@urman, you’re the Keymaster, the Doctor, the…UrMAN…make it happen!

And let’s make this extra clear…I’m an Android user, so if this becomes a feature based off of my request, I’m going to be super pissed if it’s iOS-only at first. :slight_smile:

If we just could get Tasker support this would be yet another thing that would be so simple. With Tasker and autovoice or Autonotification one could create really good solutions quickly, either by responding in the notification (action buttons in the notification) or just use have Autovoice start when the notification arrives and take it from there.

Just give us Android users Tasker support and set us free!

just because of that, I’ll add it to the priority list for iOS :stuck_out_tongue:

@m203, I hear you, but I feel like this would be a useful feature for anyone, not just Android users, and especially not just those people who know how to use Tasker+AutoVoice+AutoNotification.

@urman, don’t even joke about that.

+1 I was thinking about something similar the other day. Contextual actions based on the notification. I do feel like they are not a closed loop right now. I had Or the poor mans version: reply “close” to the garage open text message :slight_smile:

I may have a way to do this. I will test and document my findings.

The possible use cases are endless for this one. Fun, fun, fun! :grin:

@afewremarks, if you’re on Android, this is actually very simple already using SMS. Set up Tasker to trigger AutoNotification or AutoVoice Recognize when you receive an SMS from SmartThings. Then setup a task using the Endpoints API tutorial that sends a close command to the garage door.

@wackware, you have my attention. Feel free to email me if you would like any input. :slight_smile:

@csader agreed, one thing shouldn’t exclude the other of course.

As a European backer I am yet to receive my kit. But since I guess we are not to many months away, now it is time to look into stuff.

For example, with tellstick (Swedish 433 MHz system) I send / enter a URL (in tellstick cloud service where rules are set) when for example motion is detected. This is the autoremote URL which will send a message to a specific device which I then handle in Tasker. Effectively giving me push. So, I know the notify me when can send sms or push to smartthings app. Is there any way of triggering a URL instead? Example contact sensor on will enter one URL and off will enter another URL? Will I then need one notify me when app per URL?


I had the same thought/issue. What I did as a workaround is to add code for switch selection, then at the code where it sends sms, do a switch.on then (my garage door relay switch). So when I install/configure my app, I select both the garage door and garage door switch.

my 2 cents.

My idea turned out to not be a good method.

I am suggesting that we request the following as an enhancement request. Let me know if you have other ideas.

// responseSMS(text_number, msg_text, evt_name, response_timeout {default 5 minutes})
// text_number = number to send text to (like sendSMS today)
// msg_text = text to send via SMS (like sendSMS today)
// evt_name = event that will fire when response is received.
// response_timeout = Time in milliseconds that receiving dameon process will be killed by 
// server if no reponse SMS message received.

// Abstract: The user can implement responseSMS using the format above to create a job on 
// server that will listen for a responding SMS text message. If the response is received, 
// an event is fired off that the user's app can subscribe to. The subscribing function 
// can parse the response and take action as programmed by the user.

// The response_timeout aurgument allows the user to specify how long the job will run on 
// the server waiting for a response. It defaults to 5 minutes if the argument is not 
// specified. This will keep from having too many jobs running on the server. If a 
// response is received and processed, the job is immedietly killed

// Example App Snipit:


if ( ) {
  responseSMS("9165551212","Door is open, do you want to close it? [Y/N]", "openDoorHandler", 600000)

def openDoorHandler(evt){
  if ( evt == "Y" )


@crazysmurf Ok, I didnt really get the response :slight_smile: are you using a url request?

How does the notify me when app work? Do I enter ms number manually and if so how hard is it to create a smart app where one instead set a different url depending on trigger?

@m203 sorry. late night. Took me a while to understand my own response. :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant my workaround was to hard-code a switch on/off after sending message so at least my garage door is not opened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Option to interact w/ notification will definitely be sweet!

@wackware, I’m not sure I like the idea of requiring the user to reply with an SMS to make it happen, though that would work. It seems as though these interactions could be handled in a much more integrated, native-feeling way (forgive the rushed Photoshop job):

iOS 7 Android


I was thinking I could text it to several numbers like the whole family, then anyone could respond even if they didn’t have smartthings on thier phone. Or to any device that has SMS. Why just limit it to an iPhone or an Android device if SMS is the functionality that is carrying it? Heck, it might even help sell smartthings when non-users get to interact with it.

Also, Elon Musk could even receive a response text in his next version Tesla with AT&T integration. “@Elon the @SmartCrockPot is done cooking Grandma’s Chili. Do you want to come by for dinner? [Y/N]”

Dr. @Urman, please make this happen.