Disable Motion Notifications?

I created a smart light switch using s motion detector, only to quickly realize I get a notification every time it’s triggered. Being its located in an oft traveled hallway, this creates WAY to many notifications, which include late night trips to the bathroom…

How do I disable just these notifications?

Restrict the notifications to only the modes you care about.

If you only want notifications when no one is home, restrict them to away mode. What app are you using for the automation?

I’m asking because I don’t know how to to adjust notifications at all, and in playing around with the app I’ve not found anything in regards to notifications.

Specifically for this device I don’t want any notifications ever… I don’t use it as a security device, so I have no desire to receive notifications when it’s triggered…

I have door sensors which I use for security, the problem is I had to turn off notifications all together because I was getting so many notifications from the one device, and my wife was not very fond of the idea of both of our phones going off at 3 AM when I make a late night run to the bathroom…

I’m using SmartThings app for iOS…

Smart things calls automations “apps” besides just the overall mobile app. I’ll do my best to help you but I need to know how you set up the light to turn on via motion.

In app 2.X the easiest way to do that is through the smart lighting app - which doesn’t have an option for notifications.

I’m assuming you installed a smart app to do this automation and somewhere on that page it asked you if you wanted to be notified and you opted in. Alternately the notification is completely separate and from a different smart app.

I would suggest that you go to things view, click on the motion detector and click on smart apps. Here will be a list of all smart apps associated with that motion sensor. Go through each smart app and see if any of them are set up to send notifications on motion.


It took me a while to even figure out a method to allow motion to trigger an event.

It took the name “Smart Lighting”

These are screenshots of the related items:



I don’t see any mention of notifications anywhere in the screens, and couldn’t locate any under sub-items either…

Did you try going to things view for the motion sensor and looking at all the smart apps that are associated with it?

There are 2 items that show.

The first is the item pictured below, the other is an item called “SmartRules” which appears to be a list of every device that is part of SmartThings.

This second list doesn’t appear to show any notification references, none of the other items in the list send notifications, and the list does include an identical motion sensor which currently has no other SmartApps attached to it and sends no notificaitons.

It’s specifically the creation of the SmartApp referenced in my screenshot that started the notifications, and removing said SmartApp all together stops the notifications…

Well I’m sorry but you should probably reach out to support then if you really think it is from the smart lighting app.

Smart Rules is a third party app that you would have had to authorize to use with Smart Things.

Would you think otherwise? If I delete the smart lighting app the notifications stop.

If I create a new smart lighting app the notifications resume…

Is it still possible that something else could be responsible in spite of this fact?

The SmartRules items is comprised of a huge list of types, such as:

Which acceleration sensors?
Which alarms?
which beacons?
which buttons?

The relevant items are:

Which motion sensors?
(I have 2 under here, one is the device I’m posting about).

Which switches?
(I have 25+ items under here)

Which dimmers?
(I have 6 items under here)

The last two items on the bottom are

Assign a name
(this is blank)

Set for specific mode(s)
(this is also blank)

So out of the 30 or so devices in SmartRules, ALL of which are used daily, only one sends notifications.

Smart Lighting is the only other app tied to the item, and deleting it stops the notifications (it also prevent the light from swathing on during motion).

If there is something I’m missing here I don’t know what it could be, but from your statement I get the impression you don’t quite trust what I’m saying. I can attach a whole lot more screenshots if there are any doubts…

I’m not saying I don’t believe you. I have had my fair share of things happen with my ST set up that don’t make any sense. I just thought this might be an easy fix, but it doesn’t seem so.

If it’s relevant, I’ve come to realize SmartRules is actually a 3rd party app for iOS I downloaded and added a few days ago. It has no rules in it currently, so I’m going to try and remove this app from SmartThings all together and see if it has any impact…

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OK, so removing SmartRules in spite of it indicating no rules are active disabled the notifications…

That said, it also appears to have disabled any capability to use the motion detector to turn on a light bulb.

In short, it doesn’t work. The app indicates it detected motion and is triggering the action as a result, but the bulb never turns on…

I’ve tried deleting and re-creating the Smart Lighting entry, and managed to get it to work for about 10 minutes… After that it went back to showing the action in the log but the bulb never turns on…

So one issue is fixed, a whole new issue now exists…

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Is there any way we can send Notification to rest ful application Interface. Means a user application that is interfaced to SmartThings Hub via smartApp can have event on User Application???

I know this is stale, but I had a similar issue, and this thread helped resolve it, so thank you.
In my case I was consistently getting notified about a motion sensor event but due to some problem or oversight or plain error in a recent IOS smartthings update (all of which are plausible - also I had smart rules installed) it seems that I was a) unable to update rules (the update would initally appear but revert to an earlier state if accessed from a different iOS device next) and b) had no obvious way to acknowledge a notification (a basic “shut up about this” button) - so every hour I would get a "reminder: motion sensor x was triggered y hours ago. Once y reached 43 I decided I was annoyed enough to do something else.

Ok, so let’s call this a feature request: HAY SAMSUNG:
How about a way to ack notifications?
How about a “no reminders” option.

BTW, deleting smartrules seems to have solved the issue, but raises the question, who’s calling the shots here? Seems like smartrules loads and stores and never updates, and gets to act like smartthings. wtf?


Hi Bobby. I set a motion detector outside my front door to notify me when someone stepped onto my front porch, (especially the Mailman or UPS Driver).

On the Home page of ST, I tapped on the gear and went to the Configure page. I selected Custom which took me to the Custom page. At the bottom of the page I selected New Monitoring Rule.

This took me to the Monitoring Rule page where it asked me What type of device I wanted to use. I selected Motion Sensor. I then Selected the front porch motion sensor. Tapped on Next at the top of that page.

Ont that page it gives you the choice of notifications and Alert With Lights. I am using notifications, but if you don’t use them and don’t put in a phone number, I believe you will get any notifications. The question is will it accept your switch as a light. I am using an St outlet to turn on a lamp.

Hope this helps.

I know this is old but I had same problem with push notifications every time I triggered my lights with my motion detector.
I worked it out after hours of playing around with it.
it turns out I had push notifications turned on in my presence censor smart app turned it off and job done reason for posting I hope it helps someone else in the future.