iOS Classic 2.20.0 released (July 15, 2020)

What more to say but an update today for the Classic app

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I’m assuming nothing meaningful in the change notes?

The end is near…


They screwed up the font in the device tiles so that people get annoyed and maybe switch over to the new app? :man_shrugging:t3:

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It’s even worse than that in voiceover. They have broken it completely, so now not only can you not navigate to a lot of the items, even if you did manage to physically tap on it wouldn’t work. :scream:

Let’s just hope that whatever they did to the classic they won’t also do to the current app because this is completely unusable now. :disappointed_relieved:


I am now reliant on classic app when I wasn’t before because it’s the best way of checking if my system really is offline or whether it’s just the new app lying!

I have not and will not update my Classic App until forced. I try more and more to use the New App but…but…but…well…well…nevermind.


They’ve got some work to do before the new app is ready for custom controls. Most don’t work or cause the app to just outright crash.


In general I like to be on the latest technology. But smartthings is making this difficult on the hardware and software side.

For example, I had the SmartThings V1 hub. V2 comes out boom go to new version, definite upgrade.

The they come out with.V3 and the processor is slower, why would I upgrade from V2 to V3? It seems that V3 is cheaper for them to make, but not benefits for someone to buy it.

The new app, want to like, use classic instead.

Tried to do some new device pairing using the new app.

It was a zooz zwave dimmer switch.

Would pair correctly with old app, new app it would pair it as a thing! Even thought I picked the device, zooz dimmer in the new app it would pair as a thing!

What a cluster#uck! I have multiple hubs in different locations and I can no longer switch between them in version 2.20.0 of the classic app because the “More” icon no longer works. It just crashes when the page tries to load. Please could someone with multip Hubs test this and see if it crashes for them as well?

Samsung have just rendered the system useless with this update.

Report it to

I have. Would be nice to know if anyone has this problem though.

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Others have reported the issue and the ST mobile team is actively investigating.


Is there any way to make the previous version available to those of us who are blocked by this bug?

@jkp, the Android version has been released as well, but my phone has been set to not update apps automatically. I was just waiting for someone else to update first to see the reaction…

No doubts, it was the right decision!

I put the new app on and had nothing but trouble with all my core and routine s went back to the classic app. They got to stop with poor and trouble releases.

I about gave up on SmartThings!

CoRE or webCoRE?

Web core any presence piston won’t work proper work fine with classic

presence sensors should work fine between webcore and the new app. I use life360 and the presence sensor in the new app with no issues.

webcore does not work directly with STHM armed status but does with most everything else.

I use iPhones with classic and it works fine not so with the new app