Classic App Sunset: Next Steps

Over the past year, we’ve asked SmartThings Classic users to migrate to the new SmartThings app. Thank you to everyone who has made the switch to our new app!

While yesterday marked the end of official support for the Classic app, we noticed that some users have delayed moving to the new app. You will still have an opportunity to migrate. Next week an updated version of the Classic app (v2.20.1) will be released, allowing users a limited Classic app experience that will give them the opportunity to complete their migration until November 30. We will begin disabling access to older versions of the Classic app beginning October 19.

If you have not completed migration and still require access to settings and devices in the Classic app, please update to the latest version of the Classic app now and allow your device to update to SmartThings Classic v.2.20.1 when it becomes available.


ah, the gentle approach to killing it off suddenly. this says that a LOT of accounts have not migrated yet.


I migrated, and the Classic app tells me I’ve migrated, yet I still get get the migration emails, which indicate my account must not be fully migrated in the back-end.

Is there a way to validate if account fully migrated? We have access to check same way Samsung knows or not?

My gut is telling me all these accounts are due initial account being in different region, and only solution is to wipe and create a new account. Samsung… are you listening to this? Please check…how many of these non/half migrated accounts are from region inconsistencies/bugs?


If we have successfully migrated to the new app and all is working as intended, is there any downside to leaving the classic app on our phone also until the very end?

Or is it causing some issue with the system to leave it installed?

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other than using space and memory

I did my migration a few weeks back, and deleted the old app a couple of weeks ago. Everything has been working as expected until just a couple of days ago. Everything seems to be good now except for my Sengled bulbs. They will show the current status, dimmer level, etc. of the bulb (going offline and back on when power is cycled as well), but will not respond to changes (turn on, off, etc) in the app. I get a ‘network or server error has occurred’. Just in case I did a Zwave network rebuild (no changes). I’m going to delete and re-add a bulb later today to see if anything changes, but wanted to throw this out here in case it’s a known issue or other folks are seeing the same thing.

Well, there are some users experiencing issues with the new app. :wink:

But you may want to try rebooting your hub in IDE > hubs > view utilities > reboot hub. It might help or might not.

As for Sengled bulbs… which model? Z-wave repair would not have any effect if they are zigbee or wifi bulbs.

Do report your issue to ST support. In the new app, click on menu and select contact us and you can attach your logs.

Ok, so just to ask it again. I have no routines, I already uninstalled SHM manually in the classic app. I’m not even using any custom DTH’s at this point, and webCoRE and ActionTiles are the only SmartApps (Amazon, Ecobee, and LIFX integrations) that I have. Everything else is New App automations or SmartLighting rules. Do I still need to migrate? I’ve used only the new app for the past six months to a year or so. After all the horror stories that I’ve read about migration, I’d rather not do it if there’s not some specific reason to.

@SmartThings Is a manual migration good enough or is there something on the backend that needs us to push the migration button and pray?

If you have manually migrated the following over to the new app:

  • Routines to automations/scenes
  • SHM and SHM custom alerts to STHM and automations/scenes. Plus removed the old custom alerts and SHM.
  • installed smart lock guest access in the new app if you were using it in the Classic.
  • set up use location for your mobile device for presence

Technically, you don’t need to do anything further. If you opt to run the migration tool, then there is nothing for it to migrate but it would shut down SHM/routines/scenes from the Classic app and give you the banner to use the new app. One misconception is that many users believes it migrates Smartapps and devices but it doesn’t touch those.

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Thanks! A reboot of the hub cleared it out. I should have thought of that, but it was weird… just one type of device, and only on sending commands, no problems with getting status/info back.

I do get the fact that it doesn’t touch devices, but something has happened during migration for a bunch of folks. I’d rather not take a chance since I have manually migrated. The constant reminders to migrate just have me second guessing myself, I guess. Thanks!

And still no update to the buggy new app.


i believe they are doing one in november

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So, even when everything’s been setup or migrated manually in the new app and removed from the old app where there is just a few SHM Custom Routines still configured in the old app, it won’t destroy anything I’ve already configured in the new app if I do the migration?