Classic App 'More' screen crashes every time on iOS

This started yesterday – when I go to the ‘More’ page in the classic app (I have no use for the new one), the ST app immediately crashes – not a hang, not a swirling wheel, it just goes away.

I tested it on my wife’s phone – same thing there. I tried deleting and reinstalling, no difference.

There don’t seem to be any recent updates to ST in my iOS updates history, which goes back two weeks, and I know this all worked before yesterday.

I have no trouble on other pages, just the ‘More’ screen.

Anyone have any ideas?

There was an iOS update for Classic about 1 week ago on July 15.

The mobile team is actively investigating this issue. If you haven’t already, please create a support ticket.

That is my exact situation – I have multiple hubs. My ST system is essentially useless to me at this point – I cannot find the Home Monitor UI in the new app (can anyone???), I can’t find my classic app ‘Routines’ in the new app, and in the classic app, I can only access the hub that comes first in alphabetic order.

I’ve been a user since hub v1, and never had an issue like this, one that effectively disabled my interactive use of the system.

Please, while you are investigating, make the previous version available. Somehow.

Having similar issues, but can eventually (after a couple of crashes and clearing the app from memory) get the iPhone to work; iPad just continues to crash. iOS and iPadOS 13.6 (was happening on the version prior also, but hit the upgrade button before recording the version number).

I’ve never had to do that before – where do I go to create it?

Thanks! I assumed there was a web UI to create them, but I should have tried email…

It is now ticket #999238

There are web UIs:

Hi @niklasgu,

The first thing I tried once I realised the Classic app was totally broken was to try and find Smart Home Monitor in the new app (which I’d already downloaded a long time ago, but dislike, so don’t use often). It seems the Smart Home Monitor isn’t in the new app by default, and you have to add it as a new Smart App. I went through the process of setting it up in one of my locations and choosing all the sensors I wanted for smoke, leaks, and security, and after all that found that it doesn’t have any relationship to the Smart Home Monitor in the classic app. Changing from armed to disarmed doesn’t disarm the Smart Home Monitor in the classic app. It’s a total mess. I can’t disarm the alarm system in my workshop currently from either app. Not sure what kind of QA these guys are doing before they release app updates, but this is a very poor show. I’ve raised a ticket, but sudgest as many people do it as possible.

I agree, the new app is a big disappointment, as is the change to a new backend.

One thing I have really loved about ST is that I could set things up years ago the way I wanted it, with lots of Routines and a few SmartApps, use a couple of virtual devices, my own ThingShield to integrate my hard-wired door sensorts, etc. Then, don’t even think of it for years, things are just good, except for the occasional power or Internet outage, which isn’t ST’s fault.

SHM is one of the best features of the classic app, and now I will have two competing monitoring features, one in each app. Each with separate geofencing setups, and possibly interfering with each other.

Also, I’m eventually going to have to switch to new app, since the classic one will apparently be shelved sometime soon. The new app wastes an insane amount of screen space on elegance rather than function, and with a completely different UI paradigm, which is not that efficient (more clicks) and several concepts are renamed for no apparent reason.

The classic app may not have been winning mobile app design awards, but it’s functional.


Noticed that I can’t clear a SHM intrusion alert now either. When I click on the red bar the second screen only loads the tabs.

In many years with ST, I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed. Not even (some years back) when SHM was so slow, there was a separate smart app that did the job better, until the fixed the scalability issue. This is worse than that.

I asked support for an update on progress today. Crickets… How about making the old version available? Do a rollback. Something

Yeah it’s super annoying you can’t roll back app versions in the Apple App Store or switch off automatic updates for specific apps. I have an iPad which luckily hadn’t updated the SmatThings Classic app yet, so have turned of automatic updates on the iPad for now. That’s the only device I can use it on right now. If I broke something this badly at work, I’d have coded a patch the same day and pushed it out. I’m sure there’s a lead time to get updates to the app store, but it would be nice to have an ETA from Samsung.

Just to keep others updated on the support ticket. I did get a response from them that ended up in my Junk folder for some reason. Still no resolution, but an appeal to start using the new app:

Hi Niklas,

We are trying to end the Classic app completely and we are working on the new SmartThings app to add all the features what the Classic app has. Also, we are adding more other features in the New app for our users. If you have any suggestion on how to improve the new app, please let me know so that we can work on it to add that feature.


SmartThings Support

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I’ve had no response to my ticket, and nothing in spam folder. As of a few days ago, the classic app has started thowinrg up a prompt to migrate “this” location (I have 3 locations). I went part way through the wizard to see what it would tell me. It says it’s best to migrate all your locations so my experience is “seemless”, but with no way to switch between locations anymore I don’t see how this will be possible. If they want people to migrate off SmartThings Classic, the app needs to actually work before we can do this! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve gotten a couple of follow-ups to my ticket. Nothing suggesting that they are urgently working on a fix. In the meantime, the app is now crashing only intermittently – once in a while, it stays alive long enough for me to change my location, which means that I can actually do things with enough attempts.

I’ve now started migrating off of the SmartThings Classic App – to Hubitat.

I also got a reply in the end, which basically said installed home monitor in the new app and disable it in the old one! They completely avoided commenting on the this new fundemantal bug in the classic app. I have asked how I can be expected to migrate my 3 locations when I cannot switch between locations anymore, and have had no reply. As it stands, I’m heavily investef in WebCoRE and as soon as I migrate to the new app, I’m assuming all my pistons will stop working. I’m also assuming the new Smart Home Monitor is using the new RulesAPI and won’t be visible to WebCoRE. I’m holding off migrating as long as possible in the hope there will be some kind of migration path for WebCoRE users. I’m not holidng my breath for Samsung to fix the bug in the classic app.

WebCoRE still works but as you pointed out, it can not manage STHM directly. You can easily use Automations to manage STHM.

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Thanks for the sudgestion @jkp, I’m assuming I can trigger armed/disarmed chnages in the new SHM using virtual momentary buttons “pressed” by WebCoRE and picked up by a simple rule in the new app to switch SHM to armed/disarmed, or something like that?

Do you happen to know, exactly what “migrate location” (from classic to new) will do? Will the WebCoRE smartapps still function on my Samsung account and evryting in the old app will work as it did before, or is it fundementally going to break something with no way back?