iOS SmartThings Classic app 2.18.2 released (January 6, 2020)

updated version of the Classic app released

I’m afraid if I keep updating the classic it’s going to become obsolete even quicker. So I will not update.

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Has it fixed the icons? What else is broken?

I have updated to 2.18.2, but I have still the custom Icons problem : the older Devices still display them, but I cannot set them with new Devices, or updated Handler.
If anybody knows how to revert to SmartThings App 2.17, when one does not have a recent enough iTunes save…

Nope. Not going to update. Everything is working and “updates” seem to break stuff. No one thinks it’s weird that Classic stayed idled for a long time and now that the New App is quite usable, we start getting updates to the Classic App?

Not much of a conspiracy theorist but…:thinking::eyes:


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