IOS bug or ST site bug or my iPhone 5

Is it me or others have experienced this?

As I start writing a comment occassionally on my iPhone 5 using safari, and when an auto refresh happens on this community page, the site freezes and crashes Safari. Ever happened to you guys?
It is intermittent but happens at least every day for me. YMMV.

@smart I am using iPhone 6 / iOS 8.1 and don’t have any issues with the forum

Must be my iPhone 5 them. 2 more weeks to be eligible for a Verizon upgrade…

I’m not seeing that behavior though Safari has been more finicky since ios 7. I’ve found that frequent safari crashes indicated that a phone reboot was needed. Try that and see if it helps. Unfortunately if it fixes your problem it will likely return eventually.

Thanks, Linda! Have tried that. Weird thing is that once safari crashes and I launch it again, at least my comments are saved and thereafter things work for the next few hrs. On a different note, I am only 18 days away to be eligible for a Verizon phone upgrade. :slight_smile: