iPhone automations crash

Since the recent new ST app update every time I open the Automations it opens and if I don’t touch anything its fine. As soon as I try to scroll down it crashes and ST app goes away. All other is fine but this happens every time. Tried uninstall and reinstall. Works ok in my iPad. Anyone seeing this?

That must be frustrating - it’s working ok for me here. (iPhone XS running 13.3.1).

iPhone 8 13.3.1

There was another user reporting crashes with Automations on their iPhone a couple of days ago. If you haven’t already, report it to ST support

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Yep thanks I did open support case too. Glad to hear others seeing it too.

Same here, since latest app update cannot get into automations at all without the app crashing. Reinstalling app does not fix it.

It seems to be fixed now. Restarting/reinstalling/logging-out-in didn’t fix it so i left it alone for a few days. Now everything works.

I had the same problem where the iphone app crashes when I try to access the list of automation.

I have a support case open and they are working on it.