Custom devices working in new app!

Sorry if this is a repost, haven’t seen anybody else post about it which is weird because of how big it is. But all the custom devices I have installed like hue b smart and a thermostat device handler that weren’t working a few weeks ago are now working

I noticed the same with the Ikea colour bulb either custom device handler. Only worked properly in the classic app.

Same here. Lightify button shows up properly and is configurable in the app.
Still have some devices showing disconnected though.

Color temp looks a bit off, with 100K

Yeah it’s not perfect lol and you can’t change the temp on the thermostat only (fan, cool, heat,off) but it’s all at least is partially working.

Noticed it few days ago with Weather Station Tile 2.0 tile, VLC Things and few Aqara (xiaomi) devices,
they are functional in the new app, but showing “Checking status” under the thing name…

Does anybody know if the DTH “gkf-sf” for The Osram strips is working in the new app yet?

also noticed this, really good, just got a v3 hub, and i really like the new app, but im using them both, so i can set up parameters etc from the dh on devices, then use new app for daily stuff

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Same thing here! Don’t really get why the new app getting so much hate…
sure its handi-capping users but the UX is alot nicer!

Because its a broken pile of boo boo. I have damn near 300 devices and can not get to my devices in an efficient manner using the new app. Rooms are not selectable. Devices takes forever to load their status. Its just bad and useless for me.

Sad thing is, the “Things” page no longer works for me on the Classic App so I am forced to use the Rooms Tab in the Classic App which is also a pain when you just want to quickly scroll through your devices.

Setting a device in the classic app will also move the device to that said room in the new app.
I have about 20 devices and I hardly manage… 300 is crazy! lucky for me I got started with Samsung connect app and from there I learned about the Classic

If i may ask, What kind of devices do you have?

All of my lights, fans, heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifier, PCs, appliances, alarm system, HVAC, doors, windows, entertainment, speakers…A lot of other stuff too. I have a bunch of virtual devices as well. I know it’s hard to believe but I have over 30 Alexa devices. I stopped counting.

Here are the devices just in my bedroom.

I have issues.:rofl:


Can’t imagine the pain…

Truth be told, I hardly need to go into the app these days. Only when I am trying to work through an issue. My house is pretty much automated where its hands off. For control, there are tablets all over the place and of course Alexa. You are not safe anywhere from saying the “A” word!

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