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IOS app "Something's wrong"

(jkp) #8

the WebCoRE presence sensor DTH is one - if you happen to have it installed. There is an update for it in IDE


I only have the Nest Manager which was alrady updated and 3 other handlers that dont use multiAttributeTiles


What I don’t understand is why didn’t they code for backward compatibility? Why break everything instead of just the one that is in violation?

(jkp) #11

I have NST Manager and it works for me so we can rule that out

(Brad) #12

Previous mobile builds protected against this so there was a regression which is being investigated.

In the meantime, I took a look and it seems you are being impacted by something else. In this case, I am able to reproduce your issues by creating a device with the Aeon HEMv2 device type you have installed.


Thank you! I deleted that one its working again. Someone on your support staff said they couldn’t do what you just did.

(Brad) #14

I will keep digging into your issue but the specific error seems to be:

Can not deserialize value of type java.math.BigDecimal from String "0 Watts": not a valid representation

Recent Tile Bugs (2.14.0)
NEW: Aeon Home Energy Monitor v2 Device

I also have that device type. Delete and reinstall fixed?


I kinda depend on that device though. Whenever I go over a certain wattage I get alerted and turn off some electric heaters. I’d really hate to have to buy another one for $100 if its a software issue.


I see this dispValue = newValue+"\nWatts", line 276 I’ll play with it and see.

(Brad) #18

I flagged the issue internally but don’t have a device to test with.


No worries, thank you, I’ll dig through it.


Turns out all you have to do is remove “Watts”. It works perfectly again.

                [value: "0",      color: "#153591"],
                [value: "500",    color: "#1e9cbb"],
                [value: "1000",   color: "#90d2a7"],
                [value: "1500",   color: "#44b621"],
                [value: "2000",   color: "#f1d801"],
                [value: "2500",   color: "#d04e00"], 
                [value: "3000",   color: "#bc2323"], 
      	        [value: "6000",   color: "#90d2a7"],
                [value: "9000",   color: "#44b621"],
                [value: "12000",  color: "#f1d801"],
                [value: "15000",  color: "#d04e00"], 
                [value: "18000",  color: "#bc2323"]  

NEW: Aeon Home Energy Monitor v2 Device

You sir, are a genius. This fixed my issue completely. Thank you!!

Only item remaining since the update is a GE switch that seems stuck in offline mode. You guys think it could be anything related? I tried a power cycle on it and nothing.

(Joey) #22

I really love those updates :frowning:

Have included, excluded, reset, changed handlers, did a full factory reset and even Made a new Samsung account and STILL having troubles

(Steve) #23

Are you still having issues? I deployed a change to production that should hopefully fix this for you. My changes went out about an hour after your post. :crossed_fingers:

(Joey) #24

I’ve tryed Some refreshes and looks like ot’s achting normal.

The only strange thing now is the SmartThings icon…
But iT does refresh :slight_smile:
Many thanks :

(Steve) #25

That is strange :confused:

I’m planning a follow-up deploy on Monday to fix a few other things so I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on there.

(Eric Anderson) #26

ios app button press response slow, very slow, as in need to press for one second… ipad and iphone…

(Steve) #27

These issues should be resolved now. You can read more about it here: Recent Tile Bugs (2.14.0)

Let me know about that slow response, though. I wasn’t able to reproduce that myself.