iOS 2.11.0 released (11/28/17)

just noticed iOS 2.11.0 has been released.

Any changelog?

nothing meaningful. still doesn’t fix my crashing when pressing the More menu button.

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Doesn’t fix the ‘More’ button crashing and location still hasn’t appeared in Location Services.

Well done SmartThings team!

Got excited when I saw the update too!

Let me guess “bug fixes and improvements” is all we get

Anyone else Notice with the new update that Fan switches and ST multipurpose sensors all went unavalable? am i the onlyone or did anyone else have that happen to them?

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I can’t speak for the ST multipurpose sensors but all my fan switches (GE z-wave) are operating.

no issues here and none of that would be app related I would say.

I guess its time to do a network repair and some troubleshooting!

Just wanted to make sure it wasnt a ST issue before I start the process.


I might be the only one, but I consider that having a decent changelog = showing respect for its users. Generic changelog doesn’t inspire respect.


My LIFX bulbs all went offline…had to go in and add some connect thing…and that instantly fixed it.

What was fixed for months is now back…iOS logout bug has returned for me…UGH!

For Z-Wave devices it would appear that the Repair Device option now causes the app to crash. I’ve been able to replicate this on my iPhone X, as well as iPad Pro 10.5 and Air 2.

At least you can get that far. My app is still crashing at the menu button.

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Your issue was unrelated to the 2.11.0 build. I fixed something on our end. Can you try again?

@Brad_ST where you been all my life?!?! Whatever you did fixed it. May want to see if the folks in this thread have the same problem

Mine still crashes when trying to access the More button.

Yep, you were hitting the same issue as Jimmy. Can you give it another shot too?

I’ll check out the users in that other thread.