iOS App Smooth Scrolling

Dear SmartThings iOS App Developer Team,

When returning UITableView or UICollectionViewCells:

cell.layer.shouldRasterize = YES;
cell.layer.rasterizationScale = [[UIScreen mainScreen] scale];

Love, a friendly software developer who loves SmartThings, and just wants to be able to use the iOS app without cringing every-time I have to scroll.


Thanks for the suggestion! Are there particular screens that are giving you grief more than others? How many elements are within? Also, so we have a baseline, which device and OS are you running?

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While your “in the code,” can you add the iOS standard UI function of being able to tap the top of the screen to automatically scroll to the top of the list/page that is displaying?


The sceen that particularly pops out to me as having problems is the Room screen. I have 12 rooms. Might be the case on other screens, I just don’t have enough things or family members to have to scroll on those screens. I am running an iPhone 5c on iOS 9.3.1.

I’ve battled with smooth scrolling on iOS for a number of apps and found that cell reuse, image scaling (before applying it to a UIImageView), and rasterization give the biggest gains in performance.

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Thanks for the feedback, gents! I’ve made notes on a ticket to address scrolling performance, starting with the room list. I’ve also created a ticket for the status bar tap behavior.


Let’s definitely do that :slight_smile:


Hey one more quick one… Could you add the iOS standard behavior of swiping up on notification banners to clear them? The red banners at the top of the screen cover the navigation buttons, so when I get a notification of an error or whatever, I have to wait for it to time out before moving on from the screen I’m in.

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If this is not in code that is common between iOS and Andorid, please fix it in the Android codebase too :slight_smile:

The worst screen I have seen is the “Recently” view for a camera which shows the pictures it took in that list. Scrolling is absolutely horrible and even completely stalls for seconds at a time.

I don’t really have scrolling issues in most other places of the application.

Thanks! I’ll add a note to the ticket.