App on iPhone won’t remember changes?

Is their some way to get the app on the iPhone to remember the changes I make to the order of devices, rooms, or the room wallpapers I set? This is incredibly annoying! I use the app on my iPhone to arrange my devices and rooms the way I want them and set the room wallpapers. A few hours later I open up the app and everything is back the way it was before I rearranged everything…WTF? Come on Samsung, this is just basic functionality! Am I just missing something or was their simply no QA testing done?

Nope. Same problem with the Android version since day 1. They know it’s a problem, but who knows when a fix will come.

Ya’d think so, right? LOL, we are their QA testers…

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Yup, been a problem ever since the total redesign months ago.

Are you guys all on iOS? Used to be an issue for me on Android but haven’t seen it happen recently.

iOS for me

Android, and it’s still there for me. Easily repeatable too. I just make a change, like sort or add/remove favorites, and then try to open ANY device, and then wait for the app to crash. When it comes back, it’s an arrangement of anything ST wants it to be. It’s like the wheel on Wheel of Fortune, but all I get is the lose a turn or bankrupt slices…

I’m on iOS and can verify the exact same symptoms as had been described on Android. The only difference is that the app does not appear to crash. But it is repeatable in the same way. Do the rearranging/change room wall paper. Everything remains as changed until you open any individual device. Then the next time you open the app everything is back to some random order and the wall paper choices are no longer there. It is very annoying that such basic functionality doesn’t work. What is the correct way to officially report this to Samsung?

This problem was 100% repeatable yesterday. Now today I can’t make it happen. So now I’m officially confused. Their was no update to the iOS app on my iPhone (v1.6.29). Definitely strange.

After working perfectly all day, poof just like that I opened the SmartThings app on my iPhone and all my devices and rooms are back in some random order and all the room wallpapers selections are gone, apparently back to default. Come on Samsung, get this fixed please!

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A new version of the app on iOS was released last week. This problem unfortunately is still not fixed. Apparently Samsung simply doesn’t care about this issue. This is basic functionality and it simply does not work.

I wanted to post a follow-up on this topic. Using the most recent version of the SmartThings iOS app on the iPhone this issue has been resolved, at least for me. I did have to completely uninstall and reinstall the app.

I have the issues on iPhone. Annoying as hell.

I’ve logged this with support a while ago but the people who handle this in India? ask stupid questions and clearly do not understand a fraction of what is being asked.