Any plans to fix iOS app doesn't remember selected tab?

Continuing the discussion from iOS 2.2.1 - Release Notes:

This is so very annoying and SLOW!!! I want my rooms page default back!!! As usual sorry I updated.


Totally agree. I think I’ve read the android app stays on whatever tab you last used in the app.

Previous versions of iOS did also. That’s why I hate upgrading SmartThings app the devs manage to break something with every release.

Quality Control -1

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This bug is driving me NUTS. It takes me FOREVER to open the iOS app every time now!

It doesn’t matter if there is a plan, it will never happen. They still haven’t fixed the issue with Android when you get done configuring a child app it goes back to the SmartApp screen versus the parent app screen. They have a ton of stuff to fix.

This isn’t a judgment on their developers, it is a judgement of their leadership including platform leadership and architects.

They are failing on the basics. If they built the app correctly getting the list of devices should be a simple service call that takes 200ms and the status should update asynchronously. This way we should not be held hostage by a bad application.

Perfect example is the joke that we call the SmartApps list. There is no reason that this should take longer than 200ms to get the data from the servers and another 100ms to load on the screen.

Everything in the app, and I mean everything is way to slow to be following a proper view aggregation pattern. They must pulling way too much information and not using caching.

Honestly, this is a pet peeve of mine (almost as much as when back button behavior is incorrect). The next few app releases are going to show some incremental changes and improvements (ie it won’t look like much on the surface). I am not falling into the announcement/deadline trap, but I promise there are backend changes and we have a team working on creating a better user-facing mobile experience.

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@Aaron, Thanks. I hope this happens.