Android app flaw (not a problem with iOS)

My Home screen, Things list:
iOS: Scrolling down through the Things list causes the list to move up over the {super annoying because it’s so big} location picture. This is good!
Android: Scrolling down through the Things list displays only the Things that will fit below the {super annoying because it’s so big} location picture. This SUCKS big time!

Please fix. And, please give us the option to get rid of that location picture ENTIRELY. A simple text indicator of where you are would suit me just fine.


If you fiddle with it (flic, bump, whatever), it eventually will scroll.

This is a known bug in SmartThings Android, Version 2.0.8.

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I think @ReactiveLight is describing a different issue (though it is also a known problem). What the OP is referring to as “location picture” is (I believe) what we fondly call the “spyglass image”… and yes, I agree that it is a huge waste and inconsistent with iOS behavior. This was acknowledged, along with a statement of " fixed in an upcoming release" in the 2.0.8 announcement thread (now closed).

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Thanks for the reply. Flicking takes me to the Dashboard. Bumping, cursing, whatever does nothing. Haven’t yet tried throwing it across the room, but I may soon. Is this stupid Android, or stupid Android programmer? Times like this I’m glad I go both ways–makes it twice as likely I’ll have a working control system on Saturday nights (Woody Allen reference, in case it isn’t obvious).


Definitely annoying… As David said somewhere, we are redesigning a lot of these things to either be better, or just go away… I’m working with the UX director to make this kind of stuff better.

For now, sorry… later… you’re welcome? (or something like that)

@slagle while doing UX updates - could you have the team look at tickets 185340 and 185150? Those should be fairly easy to implement yet would go a long way in having devices be able to have much better and more consistent formatting…

This is being actively worked on right now. I’ll share screens soon detailing the update.

We’ll be rolling out a new menu that improves usability of the contextual menu (the 3 dots). This will mean the fixed image will go away and the location image (and location switcher) will now appear in the new and improved menu.


Could you detail these tickets for me? Send me a message. I don’t have access but can help escalate.

Welcome back! I forgot how thoughtful my Note 5 is, to remind me to uninstall sluggish apps!!!

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Done - you should have PM from me. Thanks for offering help!

So I created a ticket with smarthings for my android display/scroll problem.

Like others I can’t scroll through screens that have more items than can fit under the picture.

Also, my ecobee 3 remote sensors do not show up in the items list to add to rooms. But if I go into an app they are listed for use and are currently working fine with rule machine and Keenect.

They told me to delete all my rooms, uninstall the app and re-install and that should fix it.

Unfortunately they were not correct, I am still waiting on a response from my reply.



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