iOS App error message; only Blank Tiles

The ST iPhone app is not working properly. It keeps flashing errors and I cannot see the things squares, just shows blank squares. How can I reset the hub to factory settings?


Shoot an email to if you haven’t already. It sounds like something that team can assist you with. :smile:


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The Mobile Apps do not connect directly to the SmartHub; just to your Account on the SmartCloud.

SmartCloud problems are not infrequent recently and can affect the system in various isolated ways (e.g., sometimes everything in general works, except the Mobile Apps), so it is worth waiting a while and trying again.
You can also check sub-system status at:

If the problem persists, I would suggest first uninstalling and reinstalling the iPhone App.

Resetting your entire SmartThings account (and/or Hub hardware, if necessary), can best be done by working through, I believe.


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Dang, you’re fast Terry. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I emailed support, no response yet. The status pages seems fine as your screenshot shows. I reinstalled the iPhone app and that didn’t fix the problem.

I wonder if you accidentally created a secondary location? :3 But I wouldn’t know. PM me your ticket number. Though, they’ll be reaching out to you shortly. With permission, they’ll be able to take a look at everything and find out what’s going on.

Hi April,

There is only 1 location. The ticket number is #88890.

oh! Okay. I see Jeanette is already assisting you! That’s awesome. I love the whole team, and I really like Jeanette. Though, that’s like asking who your favorite child is, I suppose… but in any case, Jeanette is like the super smart child you’re proud of, and knows everything, and is always on top of everything.

You’re in great hands!

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Ok thanks, let’s see how quickly super smart Jeanette handles this.

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Yup – Mobile App loading problems can be caused by quite a few odd things, Panteleon, so Support will run through their checklist.

Did you add any new devices recently? A bug in the SmartDevice Handler Code that can be the cause, for example. If you didn’t make any changes, then it is possible that the Platform Release that was installed overnight is indirectly the cause – the Platform Release included a bunch of things related to rules for coding display tiles in a Device Type.

If you don’t mind, Myself (or @April) will “rename” and re-categorize this Topic to reflect the Problem you describe, rather than just one possible solution (Reset Hub), especially since I’m pretty sure a “Hub Reset” isn’t going to do the trick in this case. :wink:

OK? Thanks!

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Haven’t heard a word.


Did they get you fixed

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@tgauchat @hondohudson

The support person on email said she escalated the issue to the QA team and I never heard back from them again.

I did get the issue resolved though. In the IDE, I deleted all of the smartapps, devices and device types. Basically resetting everything. This eliminated the iPhone app errors and allowed me to see the Things tiles. I had to reinstall all of the devices again. I only have 13 so it was ok. Someone else on the forum had the same problem but he has more than 50 devices. So this solution is not the most efficient for someone like that.