iOS app 1.6.47 released (May 8, 2020) followed by 1.6.48 (May 15, 2020)

Latest version of the iOS app is here…

SmartThings Mall
Two step verification

It definitely runs much quicker

Looks the same as the Android update. Biggest thing is you can finally add the same device to the IF and THEN of an automation.


Spinning fan icon is back too


A small step for a man, but a… ah, never mind!


Sigh — if only the lutron fan controllers connected to ST so I could witness the technological wonder of the spinning fan in the ST app. Right now, I will have to limit myself to viewing it in the Homekit app :slight_smile:


LOL clicking on SmartThings Mall returns a Not Found error and you have to force quit the app and reopen to get to the main dashboard again.

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Looks like an ipad? works fine on my iphone.

Yep, works on iPhone. Does not work on iPad.

My iPad seems to be working fine

the Add Device page has changed. Scan nearby and Scan QR code have been moved to the bottom of the screen.

I’ve pretty much given up on the Connect app.

It had promise for a while but the terribly slow update of statuses and continuing bugginess is just not worth my time.

Doesn’t seem ST cares too much. How someone with an appropriate level of authority at Samsung/ST has not put a rocket up the UI team just defies belief.


Small bug on the History page. The last sync time is not updating:

There is a known issue with History since Saturday…

The data looks to have caught up and is accurate, but the actual sync time isn’t updating in the top right corner.

You now get a message that you can’t add more than 20 rooms. Before you would just get a blank screen

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Anyone noticed how room names are truncated on the dashboard in a very strange way on small screens such as iPhone. I don’t remember that in previous versions. By strange, I mean inconsistent in terms of length. I have one room name that is only 3 characters in length but it gets truncated to one character but other rooms are showing with more characters.

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looks like they resolved seeing the correct brand name on the page when adding a device

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1.6.48 for iOS has arrived

OK, either I am half asleep and dreaming or 1.6.48 is loading fast.